This is a male tarantula hunting for a female.  He wasn't pleased when I poked him with a twig.


Ms. Farmer,

I know this is definitely not the appropriate spot to write this, but would you ever plan on extending or continuing the Trolls trilogy. I truly feel (as do many of your other fans) that the third book (although absolutely amazing) was definitely not a satisfying conclusion. Have you considered writing a fourth novel? I want to know more about Jack and Thorgil and the Bard and the hobgoblins and Hazel and Pega among so many others. Oh would you please please write another novel? I know it is not an easy task, but please consider it.

Lawrence Williams

Mrs. Farmer,

Please write a sequel to the house of scorpions. I need it like a drug!!!!


I also feel (like Sana)that the third trolls book was sort of a cliff hanger, and it would be SO great if another one was written,and i know that you said something like,and please,this isn't a quote,that you would love to write another, but it would be after the sequel to the house of the scorpion,and i would be so grateful if you could confirm that you would or wouldn't do it. I'm sorry if this question puts a burden on you if you say yes,because people will be expecting it,so i hope its not one.

Kodie Hill

I personally would buy 10 copies of a fourth Trolls book. It would just be that good.


Wow, I like that focus in that photo and the way it kinda blurs in the background. I also (don't want to bug you, but...) would really enjoy a fourth trolls book, but I remember an earlier statement you made about the publishers not seeing enough demand for the third one.

Thanks for making this regular!

Alexandra Wood

Ugh, I really dislike large spiders. Actually, I don't really care for spiders in general...

Yes! I would love to read another Trolls book!!!!!! I love them soso much! I am also really looking forward to the sequel to House of the Scorpion!


My twin girls are rising sixth graders and House of Scorpion was assigned summer reading. At first I freaked--a clone? child abuse? drugs? However, I loved the story. They did, too. I told them that if they write Chapter 1 of the sequel it might get you started...I will send them when they finish.

Your book was beyond rich--I hope it doesn't come true, but they say science fiction is usually the best predictor of the future.

The three of us are in disagreement about the opening for it!

GiGi Grau

Hello Ms. Farmer! I am a middle school language arts teacher in Land O' Lakes, FL. I had my students write business letters to the author of their favorite book. One of my students wrote a letter to you. I would like to be able to scan it and email it to you. Would you mind sending me your email address?


Hi ms.farmer! A few days ago I just read the House of the Scorpions. It was really good, and I was hoping if you could write a sequel to it! If i ever find it in the library, i will be SO happy!! Thank you!


This tarantula made me laugh! My daughter and I stayed in Deming, NM, this summer. As we walked across the parking lot to our hotel, a very large tarantula like this one was meandering across the parking lot. My daughter was amazed!! She said, "Mom, why is it just walking out here??!" She is so used to seeing these beauties in cages. Great pic!!


Tarantulas are a wonder of the spider world. I generally dislike big, hairy spiders and distance myself from as far as possible. About your upcoming books ( I do hope they are upcoming!), could you please provide your fans a sneak peak. It would be fun!


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