They look angelic, don't they?  Well, don't be fooled.  These little javelinas are plotting to get into my greenhouse and eat chili peppers.  They've done it twice, ate the leaves clean off the jalapenos and broke the main stems.  But jalapenos are almost as tough as pigs.  I watered the remnants and they grew back.  They're like small trees now.

This blog is now linked to my blog on goodreads, but I don't think it works the other way around.  What I write on goodreads doesn't appear here.  I'm still trying to figure out what it means to have a friend on the new site.  Or a follower.

Harold has almost finished working on the paperback version of A New Year's Tale.  Now we are trying to see how cheap we can make it.  Yes, I said cheap.  The ebook sells for 99 cents.  Sometime, if we get poor again, we'll have to put up the price.  Right now, though, we have enough money to be happy.  The publisher, Create Space, has a limit to how low we can go, but we can arrange a book giveaway once I figure out how this can be done.  The other thing we might do is create our own publishing imprint, using Create Space.  I think Scorpion House sounds nice.

Spring is here and I saw ten Gambel's Quail running across the driveway this morning.  They were headed for a bush and huddled underneath to be safe from hawks.  And boy, do we have hawks!  I've been told we have the highest density of raptors of anywhere in the country.

3/20/2013 02:37:08 am

Everybody likes chili peppers, can you blame them.

9/17/2017 06:56:56 pm

Your story has a lesson, obviously. Having an angelic face doesn't mean they are angel. It's not about having a good looks because everyone is capable of doing something nice whenever they feel like they should. Looking at the photo, these javelinas are really cute, but they are capable of doing things that are not nice! This is actually the first time I've seen their types!

4/16/2013 01:42:26 am

I must know, are you planning on continuing the Trolls trilogy? Those books were my whole entire life when I was reading them a few years back. I'll be devastated if you don't continue writing them.

4/23/2013 04:50:59 am


I was thinking back on some of my favorite childhood books and was so excited to come across your website. I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved your books as a kid, though I was in the age range where The Ear, The Eye, and The Arm was THE book to read in the schoolyard (I'm 27 now). In fact, silly as it may sound I traveled to Zimbabwe some years ago at the height of hyperinflation when it was decidedly unsafe, but realities aside the 10 year old part of me was still excited to visit the country Nhamo and Tendai were from!

Looking forward to the House of the Scorpion sequel- I live in Holland these days but luckily ebooks mean I can't wait to read it in September. And thank you so much for sharing your stories.


Joetta Gammon (Fan from KY)
4/25/2013 11:40:57 pm

Dear Nancy Farmer,
Hello. I am a third grade teacher in Greenup, Kentucky. My students participate in the Accelerated Reader program. I have a student who has earned almost 400 A.R. points this year, more than any other student in the school. He LOVES your books and has developed a love for reading. I want to encourage him to continue reading this summer. Is it possible for him to receive a personal letter from you? His name is Mason. We are having an A.R. carnival May 16th to celebrate the students' reading accomplishments. I would love to present Mason with a personal note from you on that day, if at all possible. Thank you for your time.
Joetta Gammon

Angel Garcia
5/1/2013 11:25:43 am

Hello Mrs. Farmer, I was wonder if it would be too much to ask for the first chapter of your new novel to be published on your website. I have been waiting for this sequel ever since you first announced it, and the anticipation is killing me.


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