This is an answer for Lalin.  Mexico is indeed dangerous and that’s why people leave.  Please read  The country has been carved up by drug cartels and the government is no longer capable of protecting its own citizens.  This has lead Mexican citizens to form vigilante armies, and who can blame them?  The cartels demand bribes from school teachers, from nurses and doctors, from ordinary workers.  They have destroyed entire towns.  Thousands of people have “disappeared” (i.e. been murdered) and the police don’t ask questions.  The families are too frightened to even identify the unclaimed dead.  You are lucky to live in safe, sleepy Phoenix.  Harassment?  I used to live in a country where you got five years in prison for making a joke about the president and where the secret police showed up at midnight to beat up political enemies.  Harassment is nothing.  Many who cross the U.S. border are not poor people trying to feed their families back home.  They are drug mules and armed halcones.  They are members of the Zetas or the MS-13.  Groups of them prey on coyotes and their groups.  They rob and kill the very people you are sorry for.  They rape the women and hang the women’s clothes on “rape trees” to brag about what they have done.  I have seen these trees.  Your anger should be directed at them.

1/20/2014 04:25:48 am

I don't know if I told you this but I'm living in Phoenix now myself. Please do let me know if there is an event of any kind that you'll be attending, I'd love to meet you, and again, loved Opium and Scorpion so much. I read that IF You do a third book you'll put a whole lot of Listen in there, well, I say YES to that, she's the best!!! I love Listen. :)

3/24/2015 05:35:32 am

Are you coming out with a third house of the scorpion?


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