Many of you have been asking when the book will be finished.  I can now say that I’m in the home stretch.  I will be finished in three months.  After that, it goes to the editor and publisher.  I don’t know how fast they will be, but I believe they really want this book out.  Many of your questions will be answered in the sequel – why did Tam Lin kill himself?  Was there a love story between him and Celia?  Will Matt and Maria get together again?  Will the Lost Boys move to Opium?  And how will a 14-year-old boy handle having untold wealth and power, as well as thousands of zombies, a Farm Patrol army and enemies on all his borders.  Remember that Matt doesn’t even know what lies within his own country.  There will be surprises.

I wish I could say there’s a movie planned, but so far nothing has happened.  There have been an amazing number of YouTube entries advertising it.  Many heartfelt thanks to those of you who created a YouTube about the House of the Scorpion.  I only recently became aware of them, and I am impressed with your skill.  I haven’t the slightest idea how to do a YouTube video, living as I do somewhere around the year 1950 in the Chiricahua Mountains.

For a long time I worked slowly.  There was so much else to do – packing, moving, eye operations, cooking from scratch where there are no stores or restaurants.  Provisioning took a while to learn.  What keeps and what spoils.  Keeping packrats from eating the inside of the car.  Surprises like the whole electrical system blowing up.  I learned that I have few basic skills.  Harold has more, but both of us are dummies where electrical wiring is concerned.  Putting in water pipes is another mystery.  A lot of people here have built their own houses.  They know how everything is done, but we are babies compared to them.  I can cook, clean and write novels.

Then, as I mentioned before, I rediscovered music.  I have to say that music is so enthralling that I never dared to listen to it while driving.  I have walked out of bookstores because of background music.  For me there is no such thing as background.  I couldn’t even read the book titles.  But I can write to music.  More than that, I can write like a demon.

So thanks to all of you for being so patient, for writing encouraging emails, and for making YouTube videos.  Mil gracias, amigos y amigas!