April 21, 2010  

A LOT  of people have been asking me when the sequel to Scorpion will come out.  I’m writing it right now, but it takes time to do a really good job.  I don’t use outlines.  Every day is a surprise and even I don’t know what’s going to happen, except that I do know how the book ends.  Please don’t expect anything until next year.  For those who asked whether Matt and María are really in love, the answer is yes.  People can fall in love at a very young age.  And stay that way.  I’ve been criticized for saying this – everyone is supposed to drift from one relationship to another.  There are even classes to help you overcome co-dependence, sort of professional love busters.

But think about it.  You don’t drift from mother to mother.  You don’t swap brothers and sisters.  You definitely don’t discard children when they’re annoying or send your dog to the pound because you want a new one.  Love is something you don’t have to analyze.  It just happens and when it’s good it’s permanent.

And now, for Alicia Bloyd and the students at Illini Bluffs Middle School:  The sequel is being created.  I don’t like to reveal a story in advance, but I can tell you that both Aztlán and the United States want to invade Opium.  And that the drug smugglers worship a saint called Jesús Malverde.  Jesús Malverde really exists.  Look him up on the internet.  They also pray to Santissima Muerte, Most Holy Death, to protect their shipments of cocaine and heroin.  If you ever wondered how crazy drug dealers are, here is the proof.

We are looking for a house to buy either in the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona or on the north coast of California.  I want a really big place so friends can visit and we can unpack our huge library.  Also, I want a greenhouse, an outdoor sauna, chickens, a cat and a border collie.  I love the psychotic look border collies get in their eyes when they herd sheep.  If we live on the coast I’ll get a Siberian Forest Cat because they have three coats of fur in different lengths and never get cold.  You can dip a Forest Cat into a lake (if you have strong hands) and shake the water right off.