Erin asked me how to cite this  source.  If you were referring to this page, the following should work:
      Farmer, Nancy.  Nancy Farmer's Official Home Page. 11-19-2009 (or whenever the site was updated).  <>.
However, it's a good idea to check with your teacher.

12/27/2008 12:29:52 am

Hello, this is Maria from Spain. I just wanted to ask you if there is any way to send you a fanletter by post - I really like your books and I would love to have your autograph =)
Gracias! Besos!

1/10/2009 04:03:40 am

dear ms.farmer,
I loved all of your books! they were amazing! I was just wwondering a few things about you, sorry it's alot.
Do you have any advice for people who want to become authors?

What is your personal favorite of the books you have written?

How many books have you written, of those how many have won awards?

Have you ever written a book that did not get published?

Do you enjoy writing, or do you think of it as a job?

When did you start writing and when was your first book published?

About how long does it take you to write a book?

Traci Zientara
1/11/2009 09:03:24 am

Dear Nancy,
I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the sea of trolls. We took a long trip from our home in Illinois to California a couple of years ago to watch or oldest graduate from the Marines. During our trip I read "The Sea Of Trolls" out loud to the entire family...the adventure and humor appealed to all of us, ages 8 to 42. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and entertaining my family. I have read the sequal and I am awaiting the arival of the last book.
Thanks again

1/11/2009 09:38:08 am

Is how old are you a personal question?? I am really not trying to be rude I was just very interested.

1/13/2009 06:43:21 am

Please know that a glowing review of your book appears at

You and your publisher may wish to link to it!


Steve Barancik

1/15/2009 09:27:34 am

Mrs. Farmer,
I have seen your posts about a second 'House Of The Scorpion!'

I can't wait!

But I have a question....

Do you plan to get rights for a movie for the first one? It may be hard and all to go through the years, but the movie would be very popular!

I got 'House of The Scorpion' yesterday, and I'm already done! It is well-written, and I think you did a great job writing it! I can't wait to dive in to more of your stories!

A BIG Fan,


Denise Fierro
1/26/2009 12:04:09 pm

Just a big THANK YOU for The Sea of Trolls. As a teacher I assign the reading of the book along with discussions, a series of essays and creative assignments. My students have created Trolls, Northmen, Picts and castles and even Jotun newspapers. It is our hope that soon we will see a movie . We also look forward to book 3. Along with the third novel , will you be signing books?
Mrs. Fierro and her 7th grade classes.

Ryan of Vegas
1/28/2009 12:38:12 pm

Agh, the House of the Scorpion was a fantastic book. I haven't plowed through a book like that in six months (John Grisham's novels, quite addicting). Shame I have library fines outstanding and am poor, but my aunt gave me this book and I might be getting The Prince (Niccolo Machiavelli) from my Spanish teacher soon.

I am also curious to know what your true view of illegal immigrants are. Myself, I am sympathetic, I was thoroughly convinced by one of my friends at the age of 12 and I realized that the illegal immigrants (as I've been studying spanish), especially Northern Mexicans and Chicanos, take a lot of loanwords from English, and that our country has more of a cultural impact on Spanish with our language then theirs. I don't see it really as a problem, especially considering if you can fit 150 million people into the four main islands of Japan, you can easily fit a billion here (and then some).

While our opinions may differ, ultimately I am to say: you are a fantastic writer and oddly remind me of my own mother, with the life story and such.

Keep on writing, when I am richer, I shall proudly add your books to my personal library right along side other fantastic writers. Most of which you already know. Addicting writers are a time a dozen, and if you don't believe me, try getting through the borefest of the Rasputin biography (such an interesting character butchered by such a landweilig y cabron writer).

Linn Bjanes
2/9/2009 01:54:09 am

Thank you so much for writing The Ear, The Eye, and The Arm. I really enjoyed it. How did you think to write this book? How were you inspired to write a book about the future? I hope that they make a movie about it!! I would be the first person to see it!! When I'm older I'm going to have a personal library and I will keep you books in them along with all of my other favorites!!! Thanks again! Linn Bjanes

Eileen Rice, Teacher Librarian
2/17/2009 06:07:51 am

Ms. Farmer,
This is a preliminary request about your availability to visit our school as a speaker this spring. We have 545 students grades 6-12. If yes, what dates might you be available? Where will you travel from? Would you need transportation and accommodations? Do you charge an honorarium?

We look forward to hearing from you. I have a Mar. 1 deadline to write my grant proposal for an author visit.

Thank you.
Eileen Rice

2/17/2009 11:17:55 pm

Dear Mrs. Farmer,
hi i'm from Indonesia, i just read your Indonesian translation novel and i want to make a graphic novel about your work, the sea of trolls for my final project at college. Do you mind? Can we discuss about this (via e-mail for example) ? hope you can reply soon because i have just 1 week deadline. I'm really sorry for troubling you.

Thank You

2/19/2009 01:17:31 am

hey i really like your books so ya u r cool

2/19/2009 01:19:06 am

hey nancy i really like your book house if the scropein i hope u make another of part two because i am studeding you and i need more info

Melissa Twisdale third grade teacher
2/26/2009 10:46:18 pm

I have a student who'd like to send you a letter. Would that be possible?

Adam Rosen
3/3/2009 10:44:06 am

Hi I have read both of the Sea Of Trolls and can't wait for the theird one. One of my silve apples copy says not for sale what does that mean? please write back.

Ben Miller
3/4/2009 11:36:46 am

Dear Nancy,
I'm doing you & your books for my Women's History report at Canyon School on March 19. I was wondering if you could tell me your favorite childhood* memory. Some of the books you have written I am quite partial to including:Sea Of Trolls, The Land of Silver Apples, and The House of the Scorpion. These books are amazing!
Ben Miller Berkeley CA.

*ages 5-16

Steven LaFleur
3/6/2009 06:38:00 am

Dear Nancy,

I have begun reading my favorite read aloud for my 6th grade class. The book is your wonderful The Ear, the Eye and the Arm. This is my 11th year of reading it and still enjoy it as much, if not more, with each reading. And the kids just love it. I do have a couple of questions that I've had no luck finding an answer to.
1). How do you pronounce "Tendai" (Although I don't know if I can change the way I say it after all of this time of pronouncing it the way I have).
2). How do you pronounce "Vlei"?

Thank you for this book. It is a joy to read aloud.

Steven LaFleur

David Hogan
3/10/2009 11:37:26 pm

Dear Nancy,
I am on the author committee from the Ohio Educational Library Media Association (OELMA). Would you please email me so that I can check on having you speak at our annual conference?
David Hogan

Dr Stephen Lambert
3/21/2009 01:35:29 am

Dear Ms. Farmer: My son, an elementary school teacher in Georgia, have been sharing in an interest in novels read by his students. He put me on the The Sea of Trolls and now I am reading The Land of the Silver Apples. I'm 62, just barely retired from University work - a huge reader all my life - and your novels are absolutely magnificent - enthralling and totally captivating. They are so rich, so grounded and the stories so good - I'm a big fan. Thanks!
Stephen Lambert

Cecily, Mary and Caitlin
3/31/2009 06:43:06 am

Dear Mrs. Farmer,
We are huge fans of yours! You see, we are three students doing a report on you. We go to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School in Redwood City, and we are assigned to read two of your books each. Part of our project includes writing you a letter. and we did. Unfortunately, we could not find your address, so we are sending you this instead. We were wondering if you had the time to visit any bookstores, libraries or schools. We would love to have you visit, and are confident in saying that our classmates would be thrilled to meet a real Newberry Award winning author! Also, if we could get another address to contact you with, it would be very helpful.

Thanks so much, and keep writing books!

Gisela Mangus
4/29/2009 03:59:38 am

I just read "A Girl named Disaster", in fact, I "ate " the book, immediatly, after I finished it (sadly), I looked in the Media Center, where I work, for another book of yours and found "The Ear the EYE and the Arm". Now I carry it around and am devouring it.
At first, I could not get my thoughts around it, but it captured my attention very quickly.
I have already added you to my favorite list of Authers, and can't wait to read the next one.
Thank yopu for sharing your imagination with the world.
Mrs. Mangus

BTW I am only a few months older then you

Cecily, Mary, and Caitlin
5/1/2009 06:39:52 am

Dear Mrs. Farmer,
Thank you so much! We all swear that we will not tell a soul about your other email address. Thank you very much for offering. We understand your need to write away from the public. We hope that when you do emerge from your enchanted island, you will consider Mount Carmel for one of your school visits.
Thanks again, and God bless!

Sally Hilliard
5/7/2009 07:04:41 am

Dear Ms. Farmer,
One of my students has recently read The Houses of the Scorpion and he loved it. He wonders if you plan a sequel.
Thanks very much,

mukshud ahamed
5/14/2009 03:17:00 am

hi my name is muksbhud ahamed and i have a author project and im having a hard time finding aswers to my questions so some of my questions are wher were you born and what year wered do you currently live (dont have to be spific thank i have many more questions and could you please send the replies to thank you for even looking at this message.

Susan De Wolfe
5/17/2009 01:18:03 pm

Dear Ms. Farmer, Let me try this again. Last time I inadvertantly sent a message with only a greeting. Sorry! I teach high school English, and just heard a compliment I'd like to pass along. One of my students said that your book, The House of the Scorpion, was the only book he had ever liked enough to read all the way through. I thought you might like to know. Susan De Wolfe

Rajib Chowdhury
5/21/2009 02:00:22 pm

May 21, 2009

Dear Nancy Farmer,

My name is Rajib Chowdhury and I live in Orlando, Florida. I recently read The Land of the Silver Apples because I found that the first book had a great plot line that fascinated me to read the sequel. I typically read fictional stories that contain a dynamic character who changes from an average person to a more heroic figure like Jack in the Sea of Trolls. I stumbled upon the Sea of Trolls in my 10th grade English class and chose it for a book project because I thought the cover of a ship looked intriguing and the synopsis in the back sounded like my kind of book. Luckily, I was right; the book kept persuading me to read more till each and ever page flew by instantly. The Sea of Trolls was one of my all time favorites because it conveyed the type of story which was interesting to me. I researched on the book and found out that The Land of the Silver Apples was a sequel to the first book and was available in my local library. Once I got the book I instantly opened it and began reading, observing, and thinking about the summary in the back. The Land of the Silver Apples made me feel rejuvenated because once again it conveyed pictures about Jack and his voyage to retrieve water from the Lady of Lake. The new characters was one of the many things I liked because they helped describe more of Jack’s inner feelings towards others like Pega the slave girl who displayed her singing abilities and that showed some of Jack’s jealous attitude. The sequel had a flow like the first one that attracted my attention and helped me catch onto every detail about all the characters. The Land of the Silver Apples had a better change within Jack’s roles in the book because he overcomes tougher obstacles and develops new powers. My favorite part in the book was when Jack summoned the earthquake which destroyed St. Filian well. This shows that Jack holds enormous power within him but failed to realize that he used the life force out of anger which caused the catastrophe between Thorgil in the cave and the problem arising. The book’s character is the main cause that influences me to learn more because each and every person represents something significant to the plot. For example, The Bard symbolizes wisdom and knowledge while Lucy expresses jealousy. Each character is fundamentally different but close in a way. The person that most relates to me is Jack because he is always curious and open minded to solutions. I find him being the problem solver among all the characters except the Bard because he is a quick thinker. His abilities to think of ideas that help him avoid dangerous situations is useful in his journey to the Elf land. This skill relates to my world because I can come up with quick ideas that help me get tasks done faster and easier. I’m also very curious and tend to linger on something that fills up questions in my mind. Some of these thoughts include questions about Jack and his journey to Elf land like what was his favorite part of the journey? What part was the hardest off all and why? Furthermore, the questions keep me a bit curious but didn’t degrade the books vivid detail and specific style of writing. The Land of the Silver Apples had wonderful use of word choice because it developed a clear image in my head of the events in the story. The part that was particularly described well was Elf land because it made me feel that the place wasn’t an illusion and the Elves were actually decent till they started mocking Jack and the others. When I read about the chapters that described how Elf land was like; I thought it seemed perfect of the way the book described it but the transformation from Elf land to a cave was worded nicely and distinguished this book from any other previous book I’ve read. One other thing that caught my attention while I was reading was the dialogue of each character. The dialogue was one of the most helpful ways I understood each characters behavior and role in the book. For example, Pega kept referring to “one of my owners,” when she talked about experience. This shows that, Pega visited many places and went through hardship while she was traded constantly. The dialogue and word choice is a main reason that helped me build up my understanding. The sequel had greater moments of tension and suspense then the Sea of Trolls because Pega, Thorgil, and Jack encounter harder obstacles. The most suspenseful scene for me was towards the end of their visit to Elf land where the demons attempt to collect their souls. The part built up tension for me because they get so close to getting killed until the hobgoblins rescue them. Another emotional scene was when Thorgil convinced the Yarthkins to help them and the Yarthkins talked about her mother. Thorgil’s love for her mother keeps her in a stunned state which is ironic because Thorgil’s usually active and head strong. The emotional part

Justin Mathew
5/28/2009 11:10:14 am

Dear Ms. Farmer,
I just wanted to let you know just house much I love your novel, The House of the Scorpion. As I write this, I just finished re-reading the book for the second time, and I can say I enjoyed it just as much, if not more, than the first time I read it. It truly is my favorite book at the moment, and most likely will be for a long time to come. I want to thank you for writing such an excellent book, because it just really makes me want to read. It's one of very, very few books that I actually want to continue to read and not put down (which is something for a 16-year-old guy).
I happened to stumble upon this site - and thank God I did! I found out that you are going to write a sequel to The House of the Scorpion, and that just made my day. I eagerly anticipate the new novel! Also, I would absolutely love to see the book made into a movie. Turning down the first offer you got seems like the right thing. I hate it when companies try to take a movie and make it all their own without actually thinking about the novel itself and what it means. I hope that it gets picked up by a good company and is portrayed as excellently as the book is written, because I'm sure it would make for a top-notch film.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it. I have told all my friends about how wonderful The House of the Scorpion is, and can only hope that everyone gets a chance to read it. I will probably end up re-reading it again sometime soon. Until the sequel comes out, I will probably check out some of your other books as well, as they must be written just as well as The House of the Scorpion. Again, thank for you for writing the book and for reading this!
Justin Mathew

6/7/2009 05:35:13 am

Hi Nancy,
Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed both The House of Scorpion and A Girl Named Disaster; and enjoyed reading your bio on this website. I'm 61 and have become addicted to "ya" fiction. Thanks, you're on my list now!

7/2/2009 07:31:42 am

I have read several of your books and I love them all. I can't decide whether my favorites were "the ear, the eye and the arm" or "the house of the scorpion". I like to write too, and I would love it if you could please email me. I would like to ask you some advice, and perhapes a couple questions about your books. If you choose to, Thank you so much! I will be absolutely thrilled to hear from you. If not, it's alright, I'm sure your busy. Anyway, you're one of my favorite authors, I am happy to have spoken to you. ^_^

7/3/2009 04:06:20 am

this is just to let you know that I read "The House of Scorpion" in Latvian (well, I read it a while ago... and I still remember it) and it was the most emotionally moving book I've read in a long time. The translation was very good too (it must be weird, thinking of your book translated in a language you don't know).
Oh, and my husband snatched it before I could and read it in the kitchen when I kicked him out of the bedroom on a premise that I have to go to sleep. :)

I am looking forward to the sequel.

Best regards,

7/25/2009 12:14:06 pm


I saw what you said about wanting House of the Scorpion to be a movie. I'm 17 and I grew up in an abusive home and went to college early to get away from it. Now I think that will prevent me from going back and soon enough I do believe I'll be homeless.

The point is, I read the book in 2004 and I adored it---I had checked it out but I bought it afterward because I loved it so much. Meanwhile I kind of have done a few things with independent films and just wanted to know if it's OK if I write it as if it were a screenplay. Not too serious right now, just want to see if you like it. I do love the idea of being faithful to the original book which has almost never been done 100% before.



8/4/2009 01:09:24 pm

Hello nancy,
My name is ben. I am 14 years old and an aspiring film maker. And I'm absolutely not going to ask you for permission to write anything about you book. Although Sea of Trolls has peaked my interest to the highest extent, I know that I'm only fourteen and have not a penny to my name. But the actual reason I am commenting at all is because I was going to inquire if you were going to offer the rights to any of the big hollywood production studios. I would love to see a House of the Scorpion movie. Just wondering.

9/22/2009 01:44:44 pm

Hello this is josh from California
Yet im just a small 11 yr old boy i love your books have u ever thought about making a movie for Sea Of Trolls or Land of silver apples because if u did i would watch it as much as i can. Id buy 5 copies and hand them out to my friends who are lazy to read TY nancy I love your books well only the Troll sagas bye bye

9/30/2009 04:10:09 am

Hi Nancy,

I'm curious what you studied in college? Did you major in the sciences?


dakota lane
10/3/2009 03:05:58 pm

dear nancy,
i wish i had a private spot to mail this but am forging ahead anyway to THANK YOU dearly for your warm and fascinating stories. i don't knwo where you came from or how you got hear, but we are so lucky that you spend your time passing these glorious creations on to us. so much enjoyment. each day can be filled with fear and pain but when i sit with nhamo for a few moments my purpose is clear again--to survive and keep going and look for the lights! much love, and with gratitudexxx

10/5/2009 03:10:44 pm

dear nancy farmer

loved the house of the scorpians can't
for a sequel but will maria and matt
end up together married i mean in a happy ending of the sequel book?



Marilyn Karon
10/22/2009 05:02:57 am

Hi Nancy
I have very recently discovered you when I looked in the young teens section and found The Ear, The Eye and The Arm on CD so that I could listen in my car (which gives me time in my busy life to "read" books). I enjoyed it so much and will read your other Africa stories. I am originally from Zimbabwe - Bulawayo that is - lived there from 2- 22 years old.
Now I live in the San Juan Islands in Washington and I play in a marimba band - the music of the Shona people. I miss Africa - have not been able to return since 1974. I enjoy your writing so much and so appreciate your stories about yourself and your family. It is true when it is said that you are a natural writer. I am in awe, as I am not that way inclined.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you have a new fan. I hope that your eye surgery went well.
Thanks so much

Dan Gambiera
10/24/2009 06:25:48 am

My wife and I were so glad to see "Islands of the Blessed" in our mailbox. Both of us had finished it by the next day.

I've always thought there was more to Pega than you were letting on. We were half-expecting to find out she was a hobgoblin changeling or the child of one of the many little mysteries haunting the British Isles. Did you consider making her a bigger part of the story? Is there a chance she will have more exposure in a later project?

Dylan mogg
10/30/2009 09:41:12 am

I just finished the sea of trolls and I loved it.Know I am reading the land of the silver apples.I can not wait to read all of your books. ps.I realy want to write to you please leave your adres plese.

John Landers
12/23/2009 04:45:47 am

Mrs. Farmer, i realize that your schedule must be busy, what with you working on a sequel for The House Of The Scorpion, yet, would it be possible to write a letter to you? I myself am in the process of writing a novel of my own, yet it came upon me that someone of your experience may be able to offer some helpful advice.


2/3/2011 01:43:25 am

Dear Nancy I am a Teacher Librarian and I am about to embark on an adventure with a grade 7 class and their teacher through The Ear, The Eye and The Arm!!! We are thrilled!! I have a couple of questions: are all of the place names real places are all of the words, languages used real languages would our students be able to research the places and the vocab would you be available or interested in participating in our class blog site that will be used during the novel study unit??

2/3/2011 01:44:22 am

Dear Nancy I am a Teacher Librarian and I am about to embark on an adventure with a grade 7 class and their teacher through The Ear, The Eye and The Arm!!! We are thrilled!! I have a couple of questions: are all of the place names real places are all of the words, languages used real languages would our students be able to research the places and the vocab would you be available or interested in participating in our class blog site that will be used during the novel study unit?? Wendy Scharnhorst Pine River ES

Wendy Scharnhorst
2/3/2011 01:44:47 am

Dear Nancy I am a Teacher Librarian and I am about to embark on an adventure with a grade 7 class and their teacher through The Ear, The Eye and The Arm!!! We are thrilled!! I have a couple of questions: are all of the place names real places are all of the words, languages used real languages would our students be able to research the places and the vocab would you be available or interested in participating in our class blog site that will be used during the novel study unit?? Wendy Scharnhorst

12/15/2011 12:40:22 pm

I just finished your book (the hosue of the scorpion)witch was just an amazing book and thought me new things in life, anyway I'm doing a book report on you well more like a letter, and I need an adress to send, any adress is fine as long as you get my letter :) please send me one

p.s. your new fan!

2/5/2014 11:43:23 am

Dear Ms. Farmer,

From March 21st – 23rd, 2014, ConDor XXI will take place at the Town and Country in San Diego. Our Guest of Honor will be writer Gail Carriger.

We’d like to have you attend and take part in our program of events. If you attend, you will receive two full three-day memberships, for yourself and a guest. We will ask you to take part in our programming events, and we will include your name in our publicity material.

ConDor features a diverse program, covering science fiction, fantasy, horror, literature, movies, television, steampunk, comics, art, gaming, and costuming, with a strong tract on real world matters such as science, philosophical and ethical issues, and even politics.

If you express an interest in the convention, we will send you a questionnaire and list of programming topics when they are developed.

If you have any ideas for panel discussions, or are interested in giving a presentation or demonstration, please let us know. New ideas are always appreciated. We are particularly interested in enhancing our young adult programming, and would be interested in ideas for activities which would be of particular interest to this group.

We would also be especially interested if there is anyone who you think would make a good guest for the convention.

If you would like to attend ConDor or have any questions about the convention, you may email me at, or you may telephone me evenings or weekends a (619) 749-1955.

You may wish to look at our web page at This site also has information on past ConDors. . We also have a Facebook group, and a Yahoo group, Even if you choose not to attend the convention this year, please feel free to join these groups. We’d love your input.

We hope to see you at our next convention.

Very truly yours,

James H. Hay

P.S. Even if you chose not to attend, RSVP. It lets me know the message is getting through (and to not bother you again later). If you are truly unsure of your ability to attend at this point in time, I’m more than willing to accept a firm “maybe” for now.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Alexander Price
1/16/2017 02:52:40 pm

Dear Ms. Farmer,

I have just found out about the book "the House of Scorpion" and "The Lord of Opium." I really enjoyed both of these books: they are-in my opinion- the best books ever! Also, I was wondering if you will make a third book in the series of the house of scorpion.

Alexander Price


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