I have just had eye surgery and will have another operation in January 2010, so please be patient as it will be some time before I can answer letters.
11/7/2009 12:00:22 am

Miss after reading your books I am more than sure of your skills. But however the same cannot be said for your biography. As being a children's author having such mentions of nudity and misbehaviour's of your earlier age could in turn misguide children. In hopes that such obscenities be taken of your biography.
With some concern.
Sanjo Sabu.

Mary Woodhouse
11/10/2009 08:39:17 pm

Hello Nancy,

Wishing you an elegant, full and speedy recovery from your eye surgery.

My son and I have been looking forward to the publication of the third book. Can't wait to go get it!

Your ability to create such an original story and to incorporate history, mythology and magic has been such a gift. Thank You!

All the Best,


Celse Johnson
11/11/2009 02:22:14 am

Hi I just read your bio and I have to agree with Sabu there. I have 2 children I certainly dont want to have my children read this. Please have it taken off immeadiatly.
Thank You

11/12/2009 06:13:38 am

Hi i am doing a report at school, and got to choose an author i wanted to do a report on, and i loved your book the house of the scorpion so much that i wanted to do you, my report requires me to attemp to contact the author, and i hope you reply back. Please email me: cerector2@yahoo.com


12/4/2009 11:14:39 pm

I don't say I agree with Sanjo and Celse regarding the biography.
I myself am 13 and that biography did in no way make me want to imitate anything Mrs Farmer did as a child.
I think Mrs Farmer has a right to include what she wants in her biography.

12/9/2009 03:35:23 am

Dear Nancy,

Do you have an address to receive letters at? My second graders are reading The Warm Place and we spent some time writing you letters. I would love to be able to mail them.

Emily Butterfield

12/13/2009 02:41:15 am

Dear Mrs.Farmer, I am a huge fan of your book
House of the Scorpion I think you should definitely
make a sequel and movie for it I think it's a life
changing book this is the best book i've read
since Harry Potter and I'm sure other people would
agree I would do anything if you wrote to me
if you reply i'll try to email you

6th grader Evan

12/14/2009 12:37:40 am

you are great

1/7/2010 09:09:59 am

i hope ur surgery goes well and thank for for writhing such awsome books,i look forward to any future books :)

1/8/2010 04:34:31 am

Goodluck with surgery!!!

Kevin Apolonio
1/15/2010 12:48:55 am

I really hope that the surgery goes well with you, Mme. Honestly, your books are real eye-openers; There are times when I feel so depressed that I feel like giving up. A few pages of Scorpion, or from the Trolls Trilogy usually cheer me up, though, and help me with my problems.

But what I really love about your works isn't the comedy (although that's great enough on it's own), but the way they seem to make everyday problems seem like trifles. There are times when i have trouble understanding my own faith, and... Well, kinda start to doubt. But I made a right decision in following Jack's example: There isn't any set religion for me. As long as we all get along with each other, as long as everything works out in the end, then there's no real need to be picky over details. We're all human beings.

You did a lot to dig this depressed teen out of a ditch. And not just me: I'm really sure that there are a lot of people who feel better after reading your books.

And... to Sanjo Sanbu:
Can you honestly help someone without experiencing it firsthand? Everyone makes bad decisions in life; it's part of being human. Besides, knowing what to avoid doing is decidedly an advantage, is it not? We learn from mistakes. Success just gives us big heads. (No offense intended Mme. Farmer). :D

- 16 y.o. Kevin J.A. Apolonio

Yes, your books still appeal to people of my age group. It kinda reminds us "grown ups" how fun it was being a kid.

Kevin Apolonio
1/15/2010 12:52:02 am

Now that I think of it... Shouldn't that be categorized as an AUTObiography? (Pardon the all-caps) Just curious.

And, out of curiosity, when do you expect to recover from the surgery? I and a few of my friends are offering up our prayers to your speedy recovery.

1/16/2010 04:22:14 am

I hope your surgery goes well and wish you a speedy recovery.

I wanted to thank you for writing your wonderful books. "mi vida" has become a catchphrase in my family thanks to House of the Scorpions.

I love how you mix the legends and histories in trolls. You have piqued my curiosity about the Nordic myths and legends. Do you know a good place for me to look into this further? Google isn't very helpful on the topic.

Also are you planning on getting your books translated? I recently moved to Israel and was quite devistated to discover that no one(of the few I asked) knew of these wonderful books here. My own copies will no doubt make their rounds but not everyone has the patience to read in English. Israel is a small country and not many people read in hebrew in the world at large but in general I wish everyone could get a chance to read your wonderful books in their native tounge.

Thank you so much, I happy slightly belated new year and speedy recovery to your eyes.

1/21/2010 01:47:57 am

PS. I did some more digging and you have your books in 26 different languages, impressive! I cant seem to find out which books where translated into those 26 languages though. Just curious.

3/8/2010 04:03:55 am

i loved the book!!!!! i wish i could read it for all my life. i am such a nerd. I WOULD MARRY IT.

Ronald Stephenson
3/21/2010 10:22:52 am

Why did you have eye surgery for?

1/27/2011 11:16:37 am

I read 'The house of the Scorpion' and the only thing I'm regretting about reading it is, 'Why didn't I read it sooner?'You're a great author. Please keep on writing. You might be surprised to know that I'm a 6th grade student from South Korea(If you don't know the country, find it in the map).I'm waiting for a sequel of 'The house of the Scorpion' now, the first one was so interesting!

3/4/2011 01:39:52 am

Im writing about you in a paper for school. Very intresting Biography

nick r.
4/28/2011 05:32:01 pm

im very sorry to hear u had a eye surgery ,i hope you recover .im a very big fan of yours and i have almost have all your books .a couple nights ago ,i reread the house of the scorpion but i felt like something was missing in the end like,what happened to maria or how and when did matt take down the opium and where did celia go but, really wanted to find out if matt or maria got married or what happened between them as time pasting ,i thought that maria and matt were major people in the story i think that you are one of the best aurthers i ever read thank you,Nick P.S i thought the sea of trolls,the land of the silver apples and the islands of the blessed were by far the best series i ever read thank you

Nick r.
4/28/2011 05:41:34 pm

im sorry forgot one more thing,plz email me if you u decide to make another book of the house of the scorpion im really looking forward to it ,as i said before your an amazing aurther ,im pretty sure other people agree .plz consider my comment thank you, Nick

11/4/2013 06:34:54 am

hey what is your religion Nancy.


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