For a short time the ebook of A New Year's Tale will be free.  I don't know when (or whether) I will do this again.  We are going on walkabout next week.  "Walkabout" is an Australian word for wandering without any schedule or destination, my favorite kind of vacation.  When you book hotels or campsites you are put on a SCHEDULE  and can't take advantage of a perfectly beautiful discovery because you have to move on.  Harold worries that we won't find a place to stay at the last minute, but that's why God created sleeping bags.  You have all kinds of adventures.  Once I camped out on a lovely beach to wake up after the tide came in and I was floating away.  Enjoy the ebook.

6/27/2013 02:47:06 pm

Hello Nancy, how are you? I am a fan of yours and have read House of the Scorpion as well as the ARC for Lord of Opium. I am not here with spoilers or anything like that I just had some questions about some characters that I wish had been more developed. I was wondering about Fani and Benito mainly. The questions I had about each of them are. Why do they hate each other? What were their lives like before marriage in more detail? Such as did they have lovers before they were forced to marry and sexual orientation. I would also like to know their relationships with the other characters like, was Maria helping Fani because she cared or was she just told to. Did Emilia and/or Maria have a sister relationship with Fani? How close were Benito and Steven? Another amusing thought was how close were Felicia and Fani as they both seemed to be drug addicted alcoholics. Were they friends or constantly pissed at each other for raiding each others stashes? I also would like to now Fani's Biological Mother's name as well as if Fani had any Full blooded siblings. If any of this is spoilers you can email me at again I have read the ARC so if anything was spoilers and I just didn't notice I can re-read it. Thank you for taking the time to read this, thank you in advance for any information you are willing to share and finally thank you again for being such an awesome writer. From one writer to another, you inspire me. Your fan Kaarle.

5/22/2014 04:48:14 pm

Usually I do not post comments on blogs, but I would like to say that this blog really forced me to do so! Thanks,for a really nice read.

12/6/2014 01:20:46 am

Dear Nancy,

Thank you so much for being a writer. We have all enjoyed House of Scorpion and it's sequel. Do you think there might be a third book? We just find this world so fascinating we want to continue in it.
Thank you for your time,

5/10/2016 10:30:12 am

do you have any new books coming out? and i just wanted to let you know i really love ear eye and arm and the house of the squrpion series.


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