My new adult novel, A New Year's Tale, is free to download today.  This refers to the ebook only.  Enjoy.

On a personal note, here is a photograph of myself as a small child on the Ute reservation in Whiterocks, Utah, where my mother grew up.  I never knew this picture existed.  I had entirely forgotten about the woman sitting next to me until I saw it.  Her name was Nellie Yannawits (my brother says her name was Yannawoods, but I can't find it anywhere) and she was a friend of my grandmother.  I followed her around and Nellie was kind enough to put up with me.  She once made me a straw doll with a corn husk dress and corn silk hair.  I loved it, but didn't realize that corn silk spoils rapidly.  The next day the hair had turned black and I was devastated, so Nellie glued on more hair from a silk weed plant.  Once she led me to a wild crab apple tree loaded with fruit.  She allowed me to eat as much as I wanted (17 apples) and of course I was sick later.  I guess she figured I would have to learn the hard way when to stop.  In this picture Nellie looks about ninety, but she was probably sixty.  She had led a hard life.  I look about five, but was probably seven.  I was extremely small for my age.

Mary W.
6/8/2013 03:30:59 am

Hi Nancy,
GREAT photo!

I sent you a letter recently. I hope you received it. I'd love to hear from you!


6/9/2013 02:33:50 am

Do you know if you'll be able to write another Trolls book? I miss them so much and I can't even tell you how much I'd love to see another one. I'm sure you'd be making a lot of people very happy if you wrote another one. :) Thank you for writing, I love your books!

Angel Garcia
6/12/2013 12:19:15 pm

When you say where your mother grew up, do you mean on the reservation itself? Are you part Native American?

leequan jackson
10/4/2015 07:57:05 pm

you absolutely must make a book 3 to lord of opium that series is to die for I cant live without it


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