The coati came back with an injured paw.  I don’t know whether he was caught in a trap or stepped on a thorn or was stung by a scorpion.  Whatever happened, he is permanently disabled.  The foot has withered.  He comes to the door looking pitiful, and I give him two handfuls of raisins and two handfuls of peanuts.  But he is getting fat and rejects food not up to his standards.  I discovered that he walks a mile in one direction to get fed at one house and a mile in the opposite direction to a bed-and-breakfast.  And probably to all stops in between.  Smart animal.

We came home from a shopping trip yesterday to find a Gila monster on the front porch.  He was two feet long and barely moved when Harold came out to photograph him.  I know it’s a male because it is Gila monster mating season right now and the males taste the trail of a female with their tongues.  If the female isn’t in the mood she bites him and walks off.  Simple courting procedure, unlike the javelinas that put on a show on the front porch last week.  I can only provide one picture because the rest are unsuitable for ages 8 to 12.

Last night a bear murdered the bird feeders I forgot to take in.  She (I think it’s a female) got the feeders outside the town library, too.  This morning Harold was watering a flowerbed when a five-foot-long snake slithered between his legs.  It took a few seconds to tell whether it was a rattlesnake or not, and a few minutes to get his heart rate down.  It was a gopher snake drawn by the smell (or taste, because snakes hunt with their tongues) of water.  It lay under the water sprinkler drinking happily.  Harold came inside and had a drink, too.

The movie option for The House of the Scorpion was renewed for a further 18 months.  This means there is some interest, but they don’t have the money yet.

The photo of the gila monster tongue is from the internet.
5/11/2014 11:49:19 pm

Another wonderful day with the wildlife and excellent photographs of the Gila monster. Good to hear the option was picked up again, I hope they find funding sources.

6/2/2015 04:52:40 am

Ms. Farmer,
I am the CEO of a startup film production company that is acquiring the rights to properties I personally love and believe have huge potential. The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm is one of those properties! I read and adored it as a kid, and while considering new projects it popped into my mind last night. Has anyone optioned it yet? Please contact me, I would love nothing more than to bring your ideas to a global audience!
Yours Truly,
Matt Leddy

Sara Ataiiyan
5/18/2014 07:04:51 am

I don't really know any way to get into contact with you, so I hope this ok. I just wanted to say that I discovered your book The Ear, The Eye and The Arm nearly 15 years ago on my teacher's shelf. To this day it is still one of my favorite books, period, out of everything I've read. There seems to be a lot of talk about making the Scorpion book into a film, but has anyone bought the rights to adapt The Ear The Eye and The Arm? I always thought it would make a fantastic film.

10/28/2014 10:37:19 pm

The book started to go through the process of becoming a movie, but eventually it fell through.

Abraham fields
5/24/2014 02:13:16 pm

I REALLY REALLY REEEAAAALLLYYY like your books. I have enjoyed countless hours reading over your works and have fallen in love with your style of writing. When I first read the sea of trolls (The first book of yours i read) I got so caught up in the universe of the Viking and middle earth that I literally called my brother a breostarbarn (i hope i spelled that right) and later had to explain to my parents. When I read the house of the scorpion I was so overwhelmed by the stunning detail and the amazing and intricate characters that I wanted to cross over to the land of Opioun and to meet Mat and Maria, but ten seconds later realized that there I would most likely end up a ejjit. I am thirteen and I have bought A girl Named Disaster, The Eye the Ear and the Arm, the warm place, and another one that I can not think of at the moment, to read over the summer. This is the only way i know of contacting you , but it would be unbelievable cool if I could send you an email! In the end however i just hope that you read this and know that as long as you are still writing I am still reading. I also Have a TON of questions, but we will leave those unsaid, I am so glad that there are still authors out there that reflect true human character, and still honor the tradition. Thank you so much.

Abraham Fields
5/24/2014 02:14:18 pm

P.S. My Mom is also a writer

Luke Santos
6/12/2014 08:42:09 pm

Dear Ms. Farmer,
I am a true lover of your books House of The Scorpion and Lord of Opium. I stop by my school library each day to check if their copy of HOS is safe. I feel strongly about two things, firstly, there should not be a Hose of Scorpion movie. When I watch a movie made from a book, when I read the book then I picture the main character as some actor. Trust me, when I read about Matteo Alacran, I don't want to picture Johnny Depp. Secondly, I feel Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, strongly that there should be a third HOS book. Hose of the Scorpion is the type of sires that needs to be a trilogy. Recently I believe I was given a mission by God to make sure there will be a third HOS book. Maybe after HOS book 3 you can make a second sires about El Patron in the drug wars. Also, there are plenty of plots you can use and your writing never gets old. Maybe Matt triples his fortune by selling fungi, but then... you chose how it goes. Please make a HOS book 3 or I'll go to hell.
Your fan,

I couldn't find your email but I hope this works. I think you should write your email at the top of the Q&A page or home page.

12/29/2014 08:56:18 pm

That is exactly how I feel! Im just praying that there will be another part in this series! I cant find out anywhere, so i commented here. I wish she will see this and say if there will be a third book!!!

12/30/2014 03:08:26 am

I think saying you were given the mission by God, and going to hell if the author doesn't write is kinda extreme. If she wants to write a big series she will if she doesn't she won't, also she is the one writing the books. Its all her decision

1/1/2015 07:51:16 am

I know, but I think a lot of us want to find out if she will make a sequel to the Lord of Opium. Hopefully she will make a blog post soon and talk about this issue!

7/4/2014 01:20:08 am

Dear Nancy,
My daughter and I discovered The Warm Place about 15 years ago when we started the San Mateo Mother-Daughter Book Club, which ran from 4th to 8th grade. We loved the Girl Named DIsaster and the Eye, the Ear, and the Arm -- and became big fans. I still have all your books for the day I can share thm with my grandchildren! Thank you.

I thought of you and The Warm Place recently when I was encouraged to draw a cartoon character of a giraffe to add to my collection of designs that promote reading and libraries. If you want to see my giraffe, let me know or take a peak at -- note what book Gigi Giraffe is reading!

8/12/2014 01:44:34 am

Dear Ms. Farmer,
You have been selected as the 2014 winner of the Judy Goddard Young Adult award, given jointly by Libraries, Ltd. and the Arizona State Library Association. I have been trying to reach you through your publisher, who has been totally uncooperative. Please e-mail me at the above address for more details about the awards luncheon in November in Phoenix. Thank you. Toby Smitt, President

8/22/2014 03:12:12 pm

Ms. Farmer

Well, I thought I was terribly original to look you up after rediscovering The Ear, The Eye and the Arm on my childhood bookshelf. Clearly, you aren't lacking positive feedback but I just had to post and tell you how much your story meant to me as a child. It was the first 'big book' I read and I remember quoting the page count with great pride to anyone who would listen.

But more than that, you captured my imagination, painted a wonderful, rich story that inspired my own daydreams and an interest in the previously unknown continent of Africa. Your treatment of the She Elephant will always stay in my memory as a character who was terrifying and heartbreaking. Being so young, it was the first time I remember being exposed to a villain that was so human, doing good and bad at the same time.

Anyways, I could go on but I just really wanted to thank you for your works and to agree with Sara above that I would love to see a movie of The Ear, The Eye and The Arm!

8/25/2014 02:11:34 am

Our school read The House of the Scorpion, this summer as a school wide read. With 2600 students reading and over 100 staff members we would love to keep the excitement of the book going by scheduling an author visit if possible and/or book signing. Would love to have this happen if possible!

Samantha Tarrice
10/12/2014 03:30:26 pm

Dear Ms. Farmer,

Our school would also love to have you for an author visit this year. A large majority of our middle school students just finished reading The House of the Scorpion, and I know many of the students (and teachers) would be very honored to meet you. I'm not sure if you are still in the Bay Area, but we are located in Saratoga, CA, so if you might be able to visit please let me know.

All the best,
Samantha Tarrice (School Librarian at Saint Andrew's Episcopal School)

11/7/2014 02:18:35 pm

Hi Ms. Farmer!

I was just curious if you plan on writing any more books from the Trolls Trilogy? I loved them and would love to see another.

12/21/2014 07:50:47 am

Hello, I have wanted to contact you about your book The Lord of opium, but I wasn't sure how so I decided just to post a comment. For a school project I am doing about The Lord ofOpium I need to know how many copies were sold and I couldn't find the number so I thought I would ask you and hope for a response. If you don't know the number or if you do and don not want to share it you don't need to. Again I am sorry for disrupting you with this question.
Thanks, Fatima

9/24/2015 11:40:39 pm

Hi Mrs. Farmer,
You're books are amazing and inspiring and you're one of my favorite authors, right next to Markus Zusak. Oh my god, your books are just marvelous! Thorgil and Maria have a similar spirit, though Maria would be considered weak and thrall-like to the hard hearted Thorgil! Keep writing!

3/2/2016 06:43:45 am

Any new updates on the movie option? If it doesn't become a movie, that's perfectly fine. The story is perfect but I do wish to see this story on the big screen one day. It's one of my biggest dreams to see this amazing story as a movie. Please let us know more details soon. Thank you so much.

3/15/2016 04:53:30 pm

Hello Nancy!
I have just noticed all the books that I have been reading lately have your name on them. I just wanted to say that I love reading them and I've actually read a few books a few times already. Thank you for making such wonderful stories. They are a simple joy in my life. Don't get me wrong. Simple isn't the simple you're thinking. Sometimes I kinda need simple. Simple and pure and completely wonderful. I sure hope you're still able to read this. I don't know much about you but I do love your books.

David Palmer
6/3/2016 12:01:17 am

Hi Nancy, my grandfather is James Milstead. You and he worked together at UC Berkeley many years ago. He is now living in Bellingham Washington. He is quite the local poet here. He has recently published two books and would like to send them to you. My daughter has been reading your books and is very excited about them. If you would contact me that would be great. My phone number is 415 240-5400 or you can email me at the email address on this post.

8/30/2016 05:26:24 pm

I am 14 and was wondering if you are not busy with a book at the moment you could look back at the Troll series and make a new series with Jack, Thorgil, and glimpse of other old friends. I finished The Islands of the Blessed and I was sad that it was the last in the series. I really would like a new series about these adventures. Thank you for the great novels.

2/9/2017 12:27:19 pm

Hey there Nancy, I have not seen you online in a long time, I hope you are doing well. It was great to meet you a few years ago at the book fair in Tucson. Hope you blog again soon, I love hearing your stories.

2/11/2017 06:26:09 pm

I hope you'll one day see this, I just wanted to say that House of the Scorpion and The Lord of Opium are some of my favorite books ever written. I really hope you consider making this series a trilogy someday, and I know I'm just a voice among millions, but it would be amazing to see it continued. I hope you're doing well and still writing, you're great at what you do.

charles pemberton
11/19/2017 01:20:28 am

seeing how old this post is i doubt you'll see this, and if you did i don't know why you would reapond, but i would quite like the opportunity to exchange a few emails with you

- cordially yours, charles pemberton


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