The Islands of the Blessed has now been published.  Unfortunately, my husband accidentally deleted most of the letters posted under this heading and is struggling to restore them.  The replies  I have already written are still in Q & A and I think I have copies of all the letters.
Janet R. Clifton
11/6/2009 10:03:42 am

Just finished reading "The Island of the Blessed". A satisfying conclusion to a trilogy but still leaving me wanting more. Will there be anymore books with Jack and Thorgil? I have so enjoyed all your books but my favorite is still "A Girl Named Disaster". I love the way you enter twine folklore, religion, culture and adventure. I am a retired children's librarian who still loves excellent books for youth.

11/10/2009 02:45:12 pm

I have finnished The Islands of the Blessed and I think that the ending is a good begining to another series because if you think about it jack and thorgil have just begain there magic life and there are still meny un answered questions about the bard. Like is he imortal? And in the begining when Jack says to Thorgil "my love" does that mean Jack is in love with her? and are they gunna get married or somthing? there are many questions that could be anwsered in new books. I hope you make more because I love them.


11/13/2009 10:23:04 pm

I have finished Islands of the blessed and the ending was okay and it was set up for a 4th book it would be so nice to here about Jack and Thorgil in the school of bards. I love this series and if there wont be a 4th book then it would be so sad on what think is going to happen.

5/30/2012 11:04:24 pm

There wont be a forth book unfortunatly

5/6/2015 09:23:07 am

y not!?!?!?!?!

11/15/2009 05:54:54 am

I'm almost done with the book(really good!)
but i was wondering if mabey u would make a movie of the sea of trolls all the way up to the island of the blessed.

Eric Woerner
11/19/2009 01:35:13 am

I do so wish the book would have ended with some romance between Jack and Thorgil. I hope you write more on them and they do eventually end up together.

11/26/2009 10:56:48 am

Do you have any plans of making video games out of your books? I think they would be totally awesome!

5/10/2012 09:16:04 pm

that will be gay

11/29/2009 08:49:41 am

The sea of trolls series is the best, Book one was my favorite

12/3/2009 08:40:44 am

u have a great talent, Ms Farmer!!
I absolutely LOVED all three books of the troll series, but with the way you ended the book, ,it seemed as if it were a new beginning, like what jack and thorgil might do at the school of bards, and what would happen to jacks mother, father, hazel, and pega? i also completely agree with eric woerner. i really wish there was some romance between jack and thorgil..... i really want to see more of them and they end up together. please please PLEASE write another book on jack and thorgil and what they do at the school of bards and maybe add a tint of romance into it that would be GREAT
please email me if you can
my email is:

Sayud Ali
12/6/2009 08:51:38 am

Dear Mrs. Framer
Hello, My name is Sayud Ali, I am in 8th grade. I have read almost all of your books. I consider your writing as good as Mark Twain's, and Charles Dickens. Your unique way of writing is inspirational to all young, and old writes. I have loved every book you have written, But the one that I loved the most is the Sea of Trolls series. The last book, The Islands of The Blessed was the best in the whole series, and I was saddened as the fact dawned over me that this was the last in the series. So I please request that you continue the Sea of Trolls Series. I had read the Sea of Trolls when I was in the 6th grade and it was the end of the year. So after i had finished it summer had just started and I was going to travel all over the U.S, so i didn't have to read it. So after 2 1/2 months torturous summer I had finally gotten enough time to read the second book in the series The Land of The Silver-Apples. I had finished that early in the year, but I had to wait till October 20th, 2009 to get the third-book The Islands of The Blessed. Which was also the best book in the series. After I finished it the horrible fact dawned over me that this was the final book and I was deeply saddened. This series is full of monsters, religon, adventure, action, and wizardry. This series has made me love Fantasy again. So I please request that you dont't end this amazing series with the Islands of The Blesses and add more to the series. I hope you will write another book in the series which tells the tale of Jack, and Throgil. Please reply back my Email is
From, Sayud Ali age 13
Thank You
P.S. I will appreciate if you are able to say if you will be adding a book to the Sea of Trolls trilogy about Jack, and Thorgil at the School of Bard. Please Reply back. My email is Thank You

Sayud Ali
12/6/2009 08:54:25 am

Dear Mrs. Framer
Hello, My name is Sayud Ali, I am in 8th grade. I have read almost all of your books. I consider your writing as good as Mark Twain's, and Charles Dickens. Your unique way of writing is inspirational to all young, and old writeers. I have loved every book you have written, But the one that I loved the most is the Sea of Trolls series. The last book, The Islands of The Blessed was the best in the whole series, and I was saddened as the fact dawned over me that this was the last in the series. So I please request that you continue the Sea of Trolls Series. I had read the Sea of Trolls when I was in the 6th grade and it was the end of the year. So after i had finished it summer had just started and I was going to travel all over the U.S, so i didn't have time read the 2nd book. So after 2 1/2 months torturous summer I had finally gotten enough time to read the second book in the series The Land of The Silver-Apples. I had finished that early in the year, but I had to wait till October 20th, 2009 to get the third-book The Islands of The Blessed. Which was also the best book in the series. After I finished it the horrible fact dawned over me that this was the final book and I was deeply saddened. This series is full of monsters, religon, adventure, action, and wizardry. This series has made me love Fantasy again. So I please request that you dont't end this amazing series with the Islands of The Blesses and add more to the series. I hope you will write another book in the series which tells the tale of Jack, and Throgil. Please reply back
From, Sayud Ali age 13
Thank You
P.S. I will appreciate if you are able to say if you will be adding a book to the Sea of Trolls trilogy about Jack, and Thorgil at the School of Bard. Please Reply back. Thank You

12/13/2009 10:48:47 am

Dear Mrs. Farmer,
A few weeks ago, I read The Sea of Trolls. The next day I checked out the audio out at the library and spent an entire snow day listening to it. The audio completely ruined it for me, so I checked out the written book and read it. A few minutes ago I finished Islands of the Blessed and went through the moment of silence that happens when a good book ends. I looked through the pages to see if there was any mention of a fourth book, I couldn't find any. Then, to my horror, I saw that in very small print on the front, it said "The conclusion to the sea of trolls and the land of the silver apples"
You know, you could get that changed. You could republish it with the words saying "The third book in the trolls series"
Or perhaps, as mentioned above, you could start a whole new series! You are my absolute favorite author, and I cannot WAIT until you publish God's Ashtray (A very appropriate title), But I think I might very well DIE if that is the absolute end! The way you ended it, there could (and should) be SO much more! I feel like the ending is like me not finishing this sent

12/23/2009 05:51:20 pm

I loved Island of the Blessed! I would be really sad if you didn't publish a fourth book because that is my favorite series. The ending sounded like it had a book coming, but to my dismay, on the cover, i saw the words "The conclusion to the Sea of Trolls trilogy". I know authors cant write forever, but i feel like i NEED the books to go on. Thank you, i , again, LOVE your books.

12/31/2009 03:14:59 am

My younger brother and I both thought that the end to the island of the blessed would be a great beginning to a new series.

12/31/2009 06:41:59 am

Dear Mrs. Farmer
I'm 13 years old and me and my mom love your books your my favorite author i just finished islands of the blessed i loved it but i wanted the story to go on i wanted to hear about thorgil and jack becoming bards and whats going to happen to the bards daughter and i thought the story was incomplete and it needed more i believe there needs to be another book the storys is just not finished yet.

Drew Dresmann
1/14/2010 08:21:05 am

-Ms. Farmer,
My name is Drew Dresmann, I am a resident of Cincinnati, Ohio and currently a freshman in high school. I just recently finished The Islands of the Blessed and I, like anyone else who has read this series, was wondering if you could please, please, PLEASE not end the series with this book. I completely agree with Sayud Ali that you have inspired many lives with your writing. After I finished the Sea of Trolls I was completely awe-struck. Then I had to wait 2 or 3 years, as it is with any amazing series, until The Land of the Silver Apples came out. Once again, i had to wait for a year or two and the thought was always in the back of my mind, "What's next?" Finally, in this last October I received The Islands of the Blessed as a gift and, just until tonight, never had the time to finish it. It was, no doubt, the best book I have ever read. And I have read many, many books, trust me. I was utterly heartbroken when I finished earlier and I plead with you again, don't stop now. There are many more lessons to be learned and more things to be taught. Readers could only benefit from another book or two.

Thanks for everything,
Drew Dresmann

P.S. My e-mail is, please e-mail if you feel any need whatsoever.

1/19/2010 11:43:08 am

I read your books (Sea of trolls Trilogy) and was wondering like many others, whats next? I have many questions about the bard and what happens at apprentice school. Please answer these questions and create more. in your new book (that is if you write one.)
A dedicated reader,

1/19/2010 11:46:18 am

P.S. God's ash tray is a very good title you should look into it

1/20/2010 02:30:34 am

Dear Ms. Farmer,
Love your books and their attention to detail. Eagerly await the publication of each one. That being said, highly disappointed with the ending to "Islands". Am pretending it never happened. Good luck and God speed.

1/21/2010 07:19:39 am

I greatly enjoyed all the books but if you do write another it really should be a seperate series.

sylvia young
1/23/2010 11:43:36 pm

Dear Ms. Farmer, I live in the deep woods of Maine and my wonderful granddaughter Fiona lives in Colorado, just in the shadow of the Rockies. For over three years now we talk on Sunday mornings, she wakes at 5 her time - I have already been awake for two hours - and I read to her over the phone. The day I discovered the Sea of Trolls was the beginning of a joyous adventure together as she moved through being 8, 9, 10, and now 11 years old. Sometimes I left out some the gorier parts that first year - she soon learned something was not there, but accepted the mild censorship and now we are past "Silver Apples" and actually in Notland with about one hundred pages to go and we want to read more slowly, draw it out, oh dear!
I think she is now ready for Scorpion and The Ear...those two books I have held back but I am glad to see your other earlier books as I am just about to start reading to Fiona's much younger brother.

For all the magic, splendid writing, humor, and education you have given us, a huge thank you from the snowy woods of Maine and mountain ranges of Colorado. We look forward to everything you have to share in the future, and also would love to see more of Thorgil, Jack, and the wonderful circle of friends and enemies they share. Sylvia Young

2/3/2010 10:05:19 am

I am a big fan of this series. I know it says The Conclusion at the bottom of the book. Is it possible that you might make another book following The Islands of the Blessed. I would really love to read about another adventure with Jack and Thorgil after they get out of the school for bards

Nancy Jamison
2/10/2010 10:53:27 pm

Dear Mrs. Farmer

My name is Nancy too.I am 15 1/2, and I am a sophomore in high school, although technically I'm home schooled.

I have read all 3 Trolls books multiple times, and I LOVE them. (understatement)

I also think they would make AMAZING movies. My brother, David, and I have even sat down a couple times and talked about who we would want to play the characters :)

And Jack TOTALLY likes Thorgil, right?
If so, that is soooo cute!

Nancy Jamison
Avon, OH

Alex Jurgena
2/12/2010 04:46:52 am

Loved the "Sea of Trolls" series and "The House of the Scorpion." As many other people have said, the ending of "Islands of the Blessed" seemed like there is going to be another book published about Jack and Throgils' adventure in the School of Bards. Hopefully there will be another book about their adventures. My favorite part of the books is how much information there is about old faiths and religions. Love how much research was put into these books. Have never seen such a talented writer as you. Looking forward to buying "Gods Ashtray" the same day it is released.

Lincoln, NE

Ariel Charles
2/24/2010 06:58:51 am

Dear Mrs.Farmer,
I have just concluded the book, The Islands of the Blessed. It is the best book out of the entire series. And if I'm not mistaken, the other comments above are saying that concluding the series was a mistake. I agree. When you ended the book, you left the story hanging on a thread. They are so many adventures that could take place if the series were to be continued. Or you can start a brand new series about Jack and Thorgils magic lives. You could answer questions concerning the Bard. His life that you didn't mention in the past three books. What happens to Hazel, Pega,Jacks parents,the Bard,the Bards daughter Ethne,Sakki,and the rest of the crew. It would also be cool of you could write about Ragnarok and the part JAck and Thorgil have to play, along with other new or old charcters. Also if you could include the Bard in the battle(if you do write about the battle of Ragnarok) that would be pleasing as well.
If you want to talk to me about the book and hopefully future book to come, my e-mail is,
By the way, you are an amazing author.


Dakota. H
2/26/2010 02:57:26 pm

dear mrs.farmer i would just like to say that i have finished island of the blessed and have started the sea of trolls for a third time and will eventually pick up land of the silver apples a third time to. anyways i was very happy with the ending of island of the blessed and i will be completly satisfied if there are no more sequels but i would be even more satisfied if you did continue the saga.Thank you.

Grant Kemp
3/12/2010 02:43:24 pm

Dear Mrs.Farmer, I'm 12 years old and started reading the sea trolls when I was
only 11. It took me almost 3 months to read the first book. I am glad to say I
read the second book it only to took me 2 weeks to read. Then when the third book I was so taken into it I practically locked my self in the room. I'm amazed at the 2 days it took me to read it. Your books have awaken something inside of me and I have reread the hole series in only 1 week. I agree with every one ells on this page and I don't want but rather need you to make a 4th book.


Italian Stallion
3/25/2010 11:09:02 am

Please Mrs. Farmer, make another book after The Islands of the Blessed! I absolutely loved all the books, and you kept me reading. I was slightly disappointed however that the book ended with little to no romance between Jack and Thorgil. I sincerely hope you make another book because I am hopeful to hear about Jack and Thorgil's life in the school. And if they ever have a romance between them. I am dying for another, please fulfill my hopes.

#1 Fan

3/30/2010 07:10:13 am

AAAAAHHHHH! I loved the books! I don't want a fourth book because it should be a trillagey but it just needs a fourth book. I love them though! Thanks for the great books!

4/10/2010 07:49:41 am


4/13/2010 09:40:36 am

Ms. Farmer,
I just finished the book Islands of the Blessed about 5 minutes ago. I loved it and it was most definitely the best one in the series. But, as everyone else has said, I believe there should be another one in the series. I was very surprised when there was no romance between Jack and Thorgil. And, as I do after every GREAT book, I cried. Not because it was that sad, mostly because it was over and it was the last book in the series. My only wish is for another book in this series or maybe an entirely new series, but still about Jack, Thorgil, and the Bard. These are just a few suggestions. My email is if you can tell me anything.

mark eizen malana
5/6/2010 03:14:31 pm

MS farmer im begging u with all my heart to please write a 4th sequel of the sea of trolls. i hate reading books, its the last thing i would do on my list. 3 years ago when i was in 7th grade we were suppose to choose an author and read some of its book. i had no choice but to read your books. 1st i read the house of the scorpion its really good. the 2nd book i read of yours is The Sea of Trolls, that book changed my life, it was the 1st time i really enjoyed reading books. then i started to read the land of the silver apples, its also A BOMB, it makes myy heart exploded from imagining about thorgil and jack for a couple of months after finishing the book. then i waited for 2 or 3 long yeers fir the island of bless. i had read a lot of books since i finished the sea of trolls, but the triology of the sea of trolls is still the best and i think it will be the best for me and also from millions of people around the world. iam wishing and begging u if you could rught 10 thousands pages for the 4th sequel of the sea of trolls maybe 2 thousand is good enough, u have no idea how much i luv ur books, and yeah right now im suspended for 4 days for getting in a fight; that means that ur books really meant something for me. i just luv ur books that i cant even explain how! plsss write the 4th sequell as sonn as possible. thank u so much for ur time i will be looking forward on it^^ good luck.

Mark Eizen Malana

6/3/2010 12:03:48 am

First off I want to tell you that you are an amazing author and I absolutely love all three Sea of trolls books. I like how you blended in all the different cultures- Northmen, Saxons, Picts, and, of course, Norse mythology. I was so disappointed when I realized that The Islands of the Blessed would be the final book in your series. I know that writing a book is no simple task, but I hope with all my heart that you write a fourth book.
Thank you,
Renna Chancey

Addi Cross
6/6/2010 07:38:34 am

Please, please, PLEASE write a 4th book! I love your series so much I can't even really explain it. When I read your books I feel like I'm in another, vivid, incredible world. Your writing has honestly inspired me. I've always loved writing, and I hope that one day I will be as talented of an author as you.
My favorite part of your writing is the character develpoment. Your characters are so real and complex that I feel like I could write an essay about anyone in the series. I also like how you build up relationships between your characters as the series progressed.
I am begging you on my knees to please write a fourth book- you truly have a gift.

-Addi R. Cross

brigit cross
6/6/2010 09:45:50 am

hi my name is brigit cross i am addi's little sister she is 13 and i am 9. well she was reading the sea of trols and she let me read it and i just wanted to say i relly liked it alot. well thanks for your time i have too go eat dinner. bye!
brigit cross

Essy, Colette, and Noah Cooper
6/7/2010 02:52:12 am

Hi! This is Essy, Colette, and Noah Cooper here. We're triplets and we all love your Sea of Trolls trilogy.
I (Essy) and Noah have both read all three books and we are eagerly awaiting a fourth. We both want to know very badly what happens to Jack & Thorgil at the School of Bards. We all love writing and have started coming up with our own ideas.
Colette has only read the first book so far, but she really likes it and is soon going to read the second. Our family owns all the books, and I have read teh series twice through.
Thanks for reading!
-The Coopers (Essy, Colette, and Noah)

6/14/2010 12:29:16 pm

Mrs. Farmer
I just finished the Islands of the blessed and just like the sea of trolls and the land of the silver apples, it was amazing. I really wish you would write another sequel because the ending was a cliff hanger! Its the perfect oppertunity for you to begin another piece of pure literiture gold. Will Jack and Thorgil fall in love, what will they uncover in the school of bards, what will happen to Ethne? You don't know how many people are wishing you'd write another sequel to it. In fact, I have decided to read the series over again because I missed your writing sooooo much. Please do consider it!
Love Renee, age 12

Renee (again)
6/14/2010 01:26:38 pm

Please reply. and do consider writing another book. You have inspired me
Love ur books

6/14/2010 01:29:09 pm

And finally, I suggest if you do write a sequel to the islands of the blessed you should include pictures of the characters so I have an idea of how they look.

7/2/2010 01:18:51 pm

hey Mrs. Farmer.
Its a great idea to make a movie, I must say, for all books. And I was wondering how to pronounce Ethne. Do you pronounce it Eth..nee? or Anya because on the computer it said it pronounced An..ya. Just wondering.

Love Marina

7/17/2010 01:18:41 pm

MS FARMER I LUV U SOOO MCUHHHHHHH!, im begging u from the botttom of my heart and lungs, PLSSS MAKE A 4TH BOOK PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. MS FARMER PLSS , u cant stop wrting about jack and thorgil, it will break my heart so badly that i might die:( a lot of people WANT MORE, u cant DISAAPPOIN MILLIONS OF your FANS. plss farmer pls make a lot more books about thorgil and jack, i will be a waiting for more stories about the beutiful story you wrote about jack and thorgil. thank u for ur time ^^

Michelle Lin
8/8/2010 02:11:14 pm

Dear Mrs. Farmer,
I am a twelve year old student in New York. I greatly enjoyed your Sea of Trolls series. The stories were really good and kept me wanting more. I really hope that you could write another book, or another series about Jack and Thorgil's life and adventures at the School of Bards! PLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEE???!!! I really want to find out if they end up together, or something, because you dropped a few hints that there might be some romance between them. Plus, I wondered what would happen if the go back to Jack's village, or visit Olaf's village again. I really hope that you could consider continuing the story for all of your fans who want more! Please, pretty please? I would be really glad if you could reply to this! If you can, my email is at:
Thank you for writing such wonderful stories, and I hope that you will continue doing that which you are best at! Please reply, I'll wait!!!

Michelle Lin (Again)
8/8/2010 02:24:41 pm

I was also hoping that you could answer all the unresolved questions and mysteries involving the Bard, Ethne, Jack's family, Pega, Hazel, the Northmen group, etc. I was just wondering what would happen to everyone, and what had happened in the Bard's past? How is Ethne doing? What about Brutus? And Alysson? Just about all your fans agree and wish that you would make another book or series explaining all the questions, showing what happens in the School of Bards and what happens after they graduate. Will Jack and Thorgil fall in love? This is my favorite series, and I just don't want it to end because I love it so much! Anyhow, I hope that you can answer my questions and I hope that I can hear from you soon!
Your very enthusiastic reader, Michelle

Bernard Lim
9/14/2010 01:29:21 pm

Dear Mrs.Farmer,
My name is Bernard Lim, I am 11 years old as well as an avid reader, I have read the first and third books and will soon start the second, I believe that the Sea of Trolls Trilogy books are some of favorite books, right up there with Percy Jackson. I also believe that this series isn't complete until there are 5 books. The Islands of The Blessed landed with a massive cliffhanger. What will happen at The School for Bards? Will Jack and Thorgil Beco become Boyfriend/Girlfriend? What became of the others? I really think the fourth should be about Jack and 'Jill's life at the School for Bards and the problems they may have from Jack's apprenticeship with Dragon Tongue as well as 'Jill's Berserker Heritage. The 5th book may be about their Graduation and an evil rogue Bard who is jealous of Jack's powers. Anyway, the point is that this series can't end until there's a satisfying end, like for example Jack and Thorgil may have a budding romance and could settle down on Horse Island with Skakki, Olaf's Village with Schlaup, Jack could even be chief of his village or could settle down with Thorgil on their own Island with their friends and family. Like a Berserker's fame could never die, neither can this series. Bernard Lim (

Samantha Couture
9/26/2010 08:54:11 am

Dear Mrs. Farmer!! <33

I am 16 and and in the 11th grade :)
I was first introduced to The Sea of Trolls in 7th grade by my acc. english teacher.
while others were goofing off in class i
I read ahead :)

I couldnt get enough, so I went and bought it and read it at home.

Then Land of the Silver Apples was published! I was so extatic! I went and bought it too! (finished that in less then 4 hours)

And when Islands of the Blessed I was really excited but sad that it was the last book to this amazing series.

And the way you ended Islands of the Blessed, left me wanting more! I want to read how and what he does at the school of bards...

Please dont end this series like thiss......

Or at least start a new series!!!

I want moorrree!!! please Mrs. Farmer!!

and I'm pretty sure im not the only one begging for more!
I didnt read the rest of the comments....but from judging the one above me, then yea EVERYBODY wants MORE!!!

Thank You for Your Time,
Sammi<333 :)

email me please backk :)

10/13/2010 01:31:25 pm

You should make another book it leaves me wanting more at least one there are many books that just don't make me fell completely finished like th hunger games series and of course your book I t would be nice if you could respond to me thankyou best regards

10/24/2010 05:37:37 am

i LOVE your Trolls trilogy! I absolutely LOVE Thorgil. It is so wonderful how she slowly matures over the course of the three books. I even look how you described her! Thank you!

10/24/2010 05:38:53 am

I love your books so MUCH!

11/7/2010 05:16:45 am

hi i really like the book and i read all three i really think you should make a fourth and maybe more i have a lot of friends who also like your book and they also think you should make more my son piers and my husband Dmitry also have read the book i'm a Colledge Proffesor and i teach at Dalhousie university. i really like how they went to see Odin and olaf i didn't think they would see olaf again and i liked the part about the hogboon sincerely from Catherine Boulatoff

11/7/2010 05:28:51 am

hi im piers boulatoff my mom is cathereine boulatoff and my step dad is dmitry we all love the book and we think that you should make another one because your books are the best books i ever read i used to hate to read but my parents told me that this was a good book and said i had to read it. i didnt want to but i did and i love it i cant stop reading it and im on the third book and i know that that was the last book you mad for it but cmon dont end it now most people always make four or if more in a sequal im in seventh grade and im begging you to make another book.i force nyself to read only one chapter a night because i dont want to finish it im trying to last it forever.Please make like 5 more books they could be like how they get lucy back or it could be about radnorock or they see the bard again and maybe the trolls raid the village and take jacks friend or take pagae.But i think you shoud make another book.I CANT STAAAAAAAAND IT YOU HAVE TO MAKE ANOTER BOOK IM BEGGING YOU PLEASE JUST MAKE MORE BOOKS

11/7/2010 05:31:39 am

HI ITS ME AGAIN IM just saying dont listen to that guy up there because hes a party pooper and you should definitly make more. PLEASE DONT LET HIM GET INSIDE YOUR HEAD JUT MAKE ANOTHER BOOK

11/26/2010 07:45:13 am

i read the last book and it was soo good!! i was wondering if you could make a 4th book, becuase i would like to know what would happen at the School of the Bards!!!

12/5/2010 12:28:40 am

hi, i usually don't have tons of money to buy books so i wait to have them in paper back so they're cheaper. islands of the blessed has been out fir a long time now in hardcover. is it ever coming out in paper back?

Joey McCaonon
12/8/2010 09:55:05 am

yes my last name is wierd. but anyway i agree with all the others that have asked for a sequel for The islands of the blessed. and romance with jack and thorgil. and trust me i don't like romances that often. but i'll say this. YES i am a book worm and have read most of the fiction books in my school library and my county one. basically i can tell if something good or bad. Your books have SOARED to the top of my favorites along with the percy jackson series. it's one of the only good norse based series i've read.

thank you for writing

joey mccaonon
12/8/2010 09:58:37 am

oh and bernard lim has a good idea;)

Bonita Colles
1/10/2011 12:15:50 pm

HELLO THERE!!!!!!! My name is Bonita (as u could see from above)and I'm 15 years old :)i have two things to say
1. i just love your books!!!:D
and 2. PLEASE OH PLEASE(with a cherry on top) CONTINUE THE STORY >.< i loved all three books :) i was also satisfied with the ending in the island of the blessed, not because it was a great ending but because it was also a great beginning into a new serious about Jack and Thorgils new life in the school of bards :) I'm thinking of the new friends and enemies they could meet along the way and also the new exciting adventures they could have, and what will happen to Jacks family and friends...oh and maybe also throw in a bit of romance here and there between Jack and Thorgil ;)anyways please do continue the story. i know writing books isn't easy but please if you have the chance....
from a fan of yours Bonita Colles <3

sierra stanley
1/11/2011 08:12:48 am

dear nancy farmer im your biggest fan and i have read all most all of your well thought out books. but the sea of trools is my favrite.i would like to know if yoy can make another one. because in the island of the blessed it says that jack takes thorgils hand/and walded up the hill together. so what happens after they walk up the hill to the school together??? please please please thank about of your fans.

2/10/2011 10:30:22 am

I read a lot and I read really fast, so I often find myself between books. I can't except that this is the end! The idea of a cliff-hanger drives me crazy because I can't rest until I've read the next book! Could there be another series, or a quartet, or something? With a conclusion that will leave us all happier with the end of the story? Thanks!

lance rhodes
3/29/2011 01:09:29 am

you have th best talent ever i really really really really really hope you write more on this series

devin howard
4/11/2011 10:00:08 am

dear mrs farmer i thougt the island of the blessed was amzing im a middle school student and i and many more peaple would be very happy if you made a fourth book with a romance between jack and thorgil and a return of schaulp and pega and hazel and blewits amd i have a story plot segestion. if pega and jacks famliy are stolen by odin himself please put this into consideratin

Trace Maurer
4/26/2011 12:39:40 pm

First of all, Mrs. Farmer, I'd like to thank you for your contribution to the world of literature with your Sea of Trolls Trilogy.

I have read all of your book but love the sea of trolls trilogy the most out of all of them. I'm somewhat of an avid reader but, to be honest, don't get to fired up about most of them aside from your fantastic combination of folklore and adventure. Every time I come close to finishing one of your books i begin to think to myself, "ah.. only a tenth of the book left," even if your books leave me extremely satisfied with my time well spent, i have an even greater desire to continue the story

I'm going to keep it brief even though i could delve into the many outstanding qualities of your books.

I simply say this, an Islands of the Blessed Sequel or any sequel of its kind would be GREATLY appreciated.

6/30/2011 05:43:33 am

I love the book The Island Of The Blessed. If I were to change the title of the boobk I don't know what it would be?

7/11/2011 03:18:45 pm

Ms. Farmer,

Islands of the Blessed simply cannot be a conclusion! There are so many questions left unanswered. I know that many authors like saying that they leave threads untied because they like their readers to invent these things themselves. But I can honestly say, there are just some pieces of information I have to KNOW for sure.

For example, I was rooting very hard for Pega and the Bugaboo! He is just so precious and I just wish Pega would "see the light" and marry him. They could ferry back and forth between the hobgoblins and the village! Thorgil and Jack, as well. What will happen at the School of Bards with all those gloomy looking apprentices? And the Bard himself, his entire life and experience is such a mystery. Ethne and Brutus, Hazel and Jack's parents, Lucy, etc. What will happen to them all? Will Ragnarok happen soon as Odin so passionately believes? So many loose ends!

I cannot begin to say how much I would love more books in this series. Perhaps its only because I've JUST finished the last book minutes ago, but at the moment I'm left still feeling hungry.

Adoring your series,

7/12/2011 10:58:39 am

Ms. Farmer,
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take your fan's requests into consideration. I too want to know more about romance between Jack and Thorgil, I want to know about the Bard's past, everything! I realize it's a trilogy so you can't really make another book but maybe make a side book that would tell tales of Jack, Thorgil, the Bard and other memorable characters in the series. I'm positive we're all DYING to know more. The ending to the trilogy is simply satisfying. Not spectacular, but satisfying. Possibly how books should end when the author wants people to know there is more coming, even though there is not. Please consider writing a side book!

Grace Kordiak
7/14/2011 08:21:07 am

Dear Nancy Farmer,
I love these books so much!
When I was at the library one day trying to find a book to read. My mom was looking on a shelf of books next to me. She pulled out The Sea of Trolls and read what the book was about and toled me to get the book just to see if i liked it. To tell you the truth I did not want to get the book but I did anyway. When I got home I read the insid of the book and thought it sounded good. when i read it I fell in lovr with the book! I then realized there were two more books to the sereies so i got both of the books and read them in a week!(Im not a big reader in the first place). So when I finished the last book I got super sad Because I wanted to read more, I wanted to know what happend to jacks family, and Iwanted to know what happens with Jack and Thorgil. So if it is possilble could you PLEASE write a couple more? Like a new series with Jack and Thorgil! And a long series also? I love the books so much I am reading them over again because there is no other books to match them.

3/31/2014 06:48:15 am

I agree with Sana. 5 years it's been and fans are still begging for a 4th. we all need it! i feel like i dont have a direction to go when books end like that and there is no more books in the series. I HATE THAT!

7/18/2011 03:24:28 pm

Oh please continue the story. I was so hoping that there would be at least one more book. Two years later, your fans are still begging for a fourth! Pleeeease. I know it is not easily done and it just doesn't pop out of nowhere, but so many of us feel it is unfinished. What a wonderful series. Thank for it.

7/20/2011 10:52:53 am

ohio!!!! i love your book the sea of troll, land of silver apples, and the island of the blessed. my favorite character is Thorgil. i also like the wizard aka dragon tung. also i wish there was a fourth. i want to know if Thorgil and jack ever get married and how the other bards will put up with Thorgil. ha ha ha. oh and today`s my birthday this is the only time i can do this. anyway please do a fourth.

Cory Ryan
8/29/2011 10:39:29 am

Hello, I was Google searching to see if there was going to be a fourth book to this series. I was looking and found your website I guess that should have been the first thing I search for. Anyhow, I would like to say that this is my favorite book series. I have read it 3 times, although I was a little bit disappointed by the ending of the 3rd volume. Especially since by your website it's the end of the series from what the troll series say's beside the 3rd book in parentheses (final Volume). It would be incredibly nice of you, I know your a busy women, if you would message me some time.

jake sharry
8/30/2011 01:34:08 pm

It really needs something going on with Jack and Thorgil other then friction

9/2/2011 01:26:46 pm

Dear Mrs. Farmer:

I am an ADULT with two children ages 11 and 9. I read an article on your book as a must read for children while traveling to Scotland and am glad I did (I consider myself a child-at-heart). You are definitely amongst talented writers such as J.R.R Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and have been very surprised your book has not been made into another movie trilogy like Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson. Your impeccable research into history, culture and myths integrated with your imagination is to be celebrated! Best wishes to continued success in the future!

A new Nancy Farmer fan

Ella Frey
10/3/2011 10:42:32 am

Dear Ms. Farmer,
I have read the sea of trolls, the land of silver apples, and the isles of the blessed all at least three times. i truly love those books and i think another triology about bard school would be wonderful. I also however, am norse myself and have ancestors that were priest of Frey so i enjoyed that you have mentioned him in your books a little bit but what would be great is if Skakki and and his family and shipmates were also to enter in to the new series because the norse are my favorite part which is why book two was my least favorite. But they are some of my favorite books so thank you for writing them!

1/24/2012 12:03:08 pm

It would suck if the series stops here. The ending has so much potential to go on. I have read Isles of the Blesses and I want more. This books, in my opinion, are one of the greatest I have ever read. I hope you have the time to continue to write about this story. I think you have spent to much effort and time to stop here. It would make many people happy if you keep writing. I love your series and am expecting more.

William Thorsen
2/7/2012 11:28:58 pm

I have read Lslles of the Blesses many times and i find that it makes the perfect book to end a seires and to start a new one with the same characters and new adventures. Your book have inspired to write my own seires and when ever i have i writers block your books are the first i go to to get back on track. I hope you write another book in the seires.

4/8/2012 01:28:29 pm

I also think it would be great if you would make a 4th book

5/6/2012 07:28:36 pm

Dear Mrs. Farmer!

I've read Your trilogy about Jack with great pleasure. I loved all the bits about norse, saxon and pictish mythology and religion, as well as the philosophic and ethic issues You put in those books in a very smart, non forward, manner.

I don't know whether You plan to write a 4th book in the series, and I guess it depends on what the ending of "Islands of the Blessed" really meant? It's well written and the reader is not sure whether Jack and Thorgil are dead or alive.

Personally I think they've died of the disease (which would mean there won't be a 4th book), but I'd like to be certain... (Well, I don't suppose You'll confirm or dispell my suspicions, because You've obviuosly writted the ending so that it would be a bit ambigious :) )

But to list the clues which support the theory that Jack and Thorgil died:

- They go to the Islands of the Blessed, which are one of the Other Worlds, where people go after their death,
- They meet the Barg who is supposedly dead. Of course, he explains what happened, but... it doesn't seem convincing. If the draugr lost the right to father Severus' life, how could his death change anything?
- They start their journey to the Islands of the Blessed from the western shore of Britain (they sail towards the setting sun), whereas the action took place on the eastern shore.
- Thorgill was very ill (she caught up a disease that killed many other people already), and suddenly she is ok, moreover, her silver hand is normal, and there was nothing what could have caused this change. After death hovewer all illnessess and handicaps are no more...
- The way it's described: I mean the fact that they suddenly found themselves in a hassel forest: for me it's the description of the transition to the afterlife.
- When they sail westwards, they smell the apples. Avalon was the Isle of the Apples. Avalon when f.ex. dying King Arthur went. And never returned.
- The see Thorgil's mother, Allyson. She is dead. So I suppose they are too. Maybe the Bards can communicate with the dead somehow, but to see them the way they live in the afterlife? Not likely.

Well, to sum up: that;s why I think they died.

I only don't know whether I like this ending, or not. It's for sure quite original, but simultaneously irritating. They went through so much only to die of the disease an cold?


3/3/2013 04:17:59 am

Mara, I really liked the reasons you laid out, many of which I had considered (especially the silver hand) and many I hadn't.

On this item:

> - They meet the Barg who is supposedly dead. Of course, he
> explains what happened, but... it doesn't seem convincing. If the
> draugr lost the right to father Severus' life, how could his death
> change anything?

I can easily see that the Bard's conception of "alive" vs. "dead" would so transcend the physical life of an individual that the physical death of the body is irrelevant. To be "dead" is to vanish, to be removed from the life stream, as the hogboon. The fact that Jack, he, and Thorgil are having a conversation makes it absurd to conclude they are "dead".

Given that, I believe that the dragur's unwillingness to move on meant that the Bard was stuck in limbo with her to fulfill his oath. Once Father Severus died, the dragur must have been willing to move on to the next realm and, in doing so, the Bard completed his oath. So, yes, his body died in the tomb, but he was not "dead" now because his oath had been fulfilled and he was back in the life stream.

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced Jack and Thorgil did die in the sense we understand it, and then were able to reunite with the Bard to travel to the Islands of the Blessed.

5/30/2012 11:09:40 pm

The sea of trolls books was really insirational and the land of apples was just amazingly awesome im reading the last one now ill let u kno my thoughts but so far the series is AWESOME!!!!!!! Can u please make more books please please please please

Tyler N
8/2/2012 04:10:08 am

The ending was nothing short of beautiful. I never thought I could love a book so much. The ending only makes me yearn for more about Jack and Thorgil. If I knew the magic to make you write a sequel to Islands of the Blessed I would make it my first priority to say those words at your doorstep. I'll wait my whole life if I have to, but I just want you to know that your book was brilliant.

11/5/2012 08:22:15 am

i am in year 4 and i love your books so much.i did not now you could love a book so much.can you please write a book to add to the sea of trolls favourite character was the yarthkins.

9/7/2013 03:45:50 pm

Found this link while searching Google, thanks

Jarrett Brock
10/26/2013 02:01:51 am

I think there should be a fourth book where like Frith comes back and has Jack's village held in like a barrier of Unlife from the man on the moon and Jack puts her down for good. Please take this into consideration

3/31/2014 06:44:03 am

Man, i need a 4th book! will there be another one? please make another one, what does Jack learn at the school for bards?

8/26/2014 12:13:34 pm

Dear Mrs.Farmer,
I'm an 8th grade student, and I really adore your writing skills. The way the third book left off was just magnifasent, but I wish they were more. I despise to be one of those fans, but I really would have hoped that you would have made one more book, or even an epilog. I think that Thorgil and Jack should end up with some kind of romantic relationship; just as many of your fans do.

-With great regard
Tara Danielle. W

9/2/2014 07:49:54 am

If you made a fourth book I would gladly purchase it.

P.S Making them (jack and thorgil) fall in love would be nice.

9/2/2014 07:55:04 am

If you made a fourth book I would gladly purchase it. P.S Making jack and thorgil fall in love with each other would be nice.

Thanks for your time, Tom

1/9/2015 01:17:49 pm

i just discovered this series and have finished the last book you have to make another one the story ends with a cliff hanger and leaves many options for new adventures. And why is thorgril becoming a bard?

4/23/2017 04:35:19 pm

I started this series while in Elementary School in the 00's. I just finished the series (After remembering the first book a while ago) in 2017. If you do start a series about Jack and Thorgil's time in the Bard School I will make sure to finish that series much more quickly! Thank you so much for your contributions to literature.


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