Dear Jake,

I tried to send you an email, but you didn't give me an address.  That's why I'm answering your letter here.  I hope you get this.  In my opinion Mexico is already in a civil war.  It's complicated because several drug cartels are fighting for control.  They battle each other as well as the government.  The level of violence is as bad as Afghanistan and it is aimed at everyone, not just enemies.  Ordinary people get shot all the time for merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Children are being killed, even babies.  It is clear that a lot of the drug thugs enjoy torturing people and continually come up with new horrors.  If I were in Mexico right now WITH a job I would still try to get over the border, especially if I had small children.  (And quite a few drug lords send their families to the U.S. to protect them.)  Please understand that as a U.S.. citizen I am not in favor of an open border -- the tide of illegal immigrants is killing our hospitals, schools and welfare system.  Also, a fair number of these people are drug mules and criminals.  I don't give them a free pass, but I know that if I were living in Ciudad Juarez, for example, I would break the law and flee.  It depends on where one lives.  I honestly don't know what will happen when law and order breaks down completely in Mexico, as I think it will in the next couple of years.  Most people north of the border don't know how bad it is because the U.S. newspapers don't write about it.  I don't know how old you are, Jake, so be careful with this next bit of information.  If you really want to know what's going on down south, look at the website  There are some truly horrifying stories there from the Mexican newspapers.  It is updated every few hours.  If you are much under age 15 you probably are too young to look at it, or if you get nightmares easily.  Take a peek at it and stop looking if it upsets you.  I'm mentioning it because it has the best coverage of the Mexican situation I know.  Of course you can use my name.  Good luck on your paper.All the best,Nancy Farmer
4/11/2011 02:16:31 am

OMG!!!I can't beleive that you wrote me back! I had sent you something else a long time ago! Thank you so much! I know my paper will be fantastic!! I'm sorry that I hadn't given you my email before, I wasn't thinking. I am also 12 years old, in 6th grade, and love to write stories.
Your books fascinate me. I just love the way you set the plot. I read the Sea of Trolls a couple of months ago, but I havn't found a store that has the Land of Silver Apples.
Thank you so much for your letter on your blog. I am very gratefull. I will send you my article when we are done!

Supreet Goraya
4/12/2011 02:42:24 am

Hey Nancy, I just finished reading your book, The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm, and I have to now do a project on it. So can you help me. I have to make a scrapbook of a main character and I chose Tendai, can you just give me a feedback of how tendai's life must have been after 20 years, thatnks a lot,and i REALLY loved your book

4/15/2011 09:45:25 pm

I think I figured out what a pictish beast is!! (As in Land Of The Silver Apples) Please EMail Me It's probably the most original idea, even if it's not I'm pretty good at figuring things out and I think I've got it... oh and btw I LOVE YOUR BOOKS I'VE READ EVERY ONE except Islands of the Blessed or what ever comes after Silver Apples

4/19/2011 05:54:54 am

Dear Ms. Farmer:

I worked at Orchard about the time Dick and Neal took the jump. Over the years, you and Harold have been kind enough to have a meal or two with me, and the two of you added a layer of richness to life that was oft missing.

I'm unpacking from a move and came across the doll you gave me after one of your African junkets. You said it was voudou. I suspect it loses the things that hold bookshelves up, because I've lost them every move since you passed on this bad penny. One day perhaps they'll surface in a shoe, but not today.

I've started Facebooking, and wondered if you were, but perhaps finding your blog is enough.

I hope all's well (I haven't had time to read far in your blog. I'm on a break from unpacking the shit one can't believe one still has.) I imagine you either on an opium farm in Zimdesia, or being attacked by spiders and snakes, while you wait for the chocolate pudding to arrive in a Chinese gaming-house in the desert between here and there.

Best to you and Harold, con molti baci a tutti,

4/26/2011 02:55:46 pm

when is the sequal to the house of the scorpion book coming out i read it in ms ingersols class and i cant wait for book 2

Nick r.
4/28/2011 05:36:46 pm

i really surprised to see alot of 6th graders reading your books(including me)

Scott Zheng
5/1/2011 08:27:24 am

Hello! I really love reading your books. They're so descriptve, beautiful, and so many more. I have read all the Sea of Trolls books, and i admit, i absolutely adored the ending. However, i might would certainly adore a 4th book. The ending was a marvelous open-ended ending, which allowed the reader's ideas of various conclusions to bloom and come forth. But i would love to read more about Jack's adventures. The School of Bards seems like a marvelous place, especially since its situated on the Islands of the Blessed. However, i am currently seething with hope of a 4th book. I dearly hope that there will be a fourth book. I understand it may take a few years to finish, however even if I'm 30 years old and unemployed, i would still be quite willing to read that 4th book. I really want to know how Thorgil reacts to her mother, how Jack and Thorgil fare in school, and what they become,and if the Bard will teach Jack something extraordinary. Also, i admit, i'm quite the sucker for romance. Especially for the one you've set up with Jack and Thorgil. I am quite eager to mnow what will happen with Jack and Thorgil. Well, I'm sorry for rambling on, but my main point is that i believe I, and many other anticipating fans of your books, would absolutely adore an addition to the trilogy. Indeed i may even grovel before a possible 4th book and treat it as a diety.

5/5/2011 05:50:20 am

i totally just got my hands on the Islands of the Blessed, but i have to say, WHAT HAPPENS IN THE BARD COLLEGE?! there are soooo many possible adventures! you have to write another book!

5/5/2011 12:53:42 pm

this is regarding to jake
ive read the sea of trolls series soo much that had to replace each book
I found copies of each book at borders
barns n noble(although barnes n noble is often more expensive)
each book cost slightly more tha $10ish
and are very hard to find in hardback

Mariam Kerfai
5/14/2011 06:05:36 am

Dear Ms.Farmer,
It's 8.28 pm where I am; I live in Tunisia, North Africa. I just finished your book, The House of the Scorpion, and it has left me flabbergasted. I also read The Ear, the Eye and the Arm and A Girl Named Disaster. Each book is rich in detail, ideas and emotion. Each time I started one of your books, at first I was confused; I couldn't understand what was happening. It felt like I was entering a complicated story that was flowing and I felt I was being pushed away. But after reading only a couple of chapters I was hooked; I was sucked into its current. I couldn't stop reading. I'd only put it down at the end of a chapter and I'd only go to sleep after reading something.
I finished The House of the Scorpion by closing the book, letting out a deep and long exhalation, and clutching your piece of work to my chest. The ending really took me by surprise, but not in a bad way. I ran up to my mother's room tearfully. Maybe I was too emotional, but I couldn't control myself.
I've motivated my mom to start reading your books! She's a teacher and (I think) a talented writer, just like you.
I read a comment saying that someone needed help because they had to read one of your books for school or something, and I thought "Ha! I read her books out of pure pleasure!"
I think you're an amazing author and person. You're very inspiring.
I hope you reply soon,
P.S. I'm an American- Tunisian 15-year-old who speaks three languages, plays volleyball and the guitar and loves art.

Sam Bigelow
5/15/2011 10:51:29 am

I have ADORED your The Sea of Trolls series!! I have read them all twice (and BTW I have never re-read any book) and I'm absolutely DYING for a fourth book! This has been my favorite series ever (even though I have enjoyed many other wonderful novels, including your House of the Scorpion). There are so many things left unanswered in the third book of the series. And if it isn't putting too much pressure on you, would you think about a new series to continue the adventures of the Bard, Jack and Thorgil? And it wouldn't hurt to have some romance between Jack and Thorgil! I even had my mom read the books so that we could talk about them. Unlike someone else who said it had a thoroughly satisfying ending, I thought it was MOST unsatisfying...I'm just not ready for their adventures to end!! PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME!!! I don't want to be pushy (well, I really DO want to be pushy)- so just let us know. :)
P.S. I'm 13 and I'm your biggest fan

5/21/2011 08:50:17 am

Well I haven't really read any of your books but in Comm Arts we are reading House of Scorpion and I love it , it is so good and I hope there is more to the story then just this book. How did you come up with the idea of the entire book with all the eejets and Matt being a clone? You use so much figurative language it makes the book that much better and so much interesting. Also how do you know so much about all the Mexican stuff in your book? My favorite characters in the book is probably Matt and Maria. They are so interesting and they would make such a cute couple. I have one more question how did you come up with all the names in your book?
P.S I am 14 and I LOVE the book !!!!!!

5/25/2011 04:39:57 am

I love the house of the scorpion, and i think that it is such a great book that it would be wrong not to put it on film. More people would be able to enjoy it if it was a movie. I think that you should ask Weta Workshop, they did the LOTR and all of their movies are exquisite. just a suggestion

5/31/2011 02:44:48 am

I am 7 years old and I listened on CD to Troll Trilogy about Jack and Thorgil and I LOVED THESE STORIES! I would like to meet you! We live not too far from you. Can you please write a 4th story about Jack and Thorgil?

6/9/2011 06:20:17 am

Dear Ms. Farmer:
My name is Amy, and I am a 40-year-old high school English teacher and formerly a college English professor for 11 years.
It is my policy and my children's policy to thank people when they have made an impact on our lives, and that is why I am writing to you: I want to thank you for your most excellent book, THE HOUSE OF THE SCORPION.
What a great book! I appreciate books that are literary and contain a superb, gripping story, and your book does both of those so very well.
I'll admit I had not heard of your book until a colleague suggested it, and I was hesitant because I am not a big reader of science-fiction. However, I have been unable to put the book down since I started it.
I am going to read this book to my own children during our family reading time because GREAT youth literature is hard to find, honestly. They'll appreciate the suspense and the literary quality, and I am excited to share it with them.
I am looking forward to reading more of your books!
Thank you again. You are a gifted writer.
Best to you,

6/21/2011 02:55:29 am

Mrs farmer im mexican and i find what you wrote kinda insulting but whatever i still LOVE your books well thx


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