The monsoon rains have finally started.  The yard was awash and lightning forked all around us, driving all sorts of interesting things onto higher ground.  I’m not sure I can put pictures on this website, but I’m going to try.

THIS was in the bathtub.  It is a  half-grown Giant Arizona Centipede.  It was trying to catch crickets.  The adults (9 inches) can eat mice.  Underneath, at the top end, are pinchers that can inject painful venom.  Each of the legs has a little black claw that can also inject venom.  When I was a child one of these ran across my arm in the middle of the night and left what looked like a tiny tire track.  There were two rows of red blisters.  My mother told me it was a centipede and that I was lucky not to have waked up.

We are on high ground and not at risk for flash floods, but most of the people here are not so lucky.  They have been given heaps of bright yellow sand bags to keep water away from their houses.  A picky-poo sand bag isn’t going to stop a flash flood.  There was one in a canyon a couple of days ago and boulders the size of recycling bins skipped along the flood like pebbles.  

7/13/2011 01:20:33 pm

Your blogs are so funny and interesting. :)
And that centipede looks nasty!

7/14/2011 12:28:48 pm

That's amazing! I don't know what I'd do if I found one in my bathtub.
By the way, it's nice that you update your blog regularly!


Wow.. I would have screamed like a little girl if I would have seen that in the bath..

Kathy G
8/11/2012 03:36:24 am

Just wanted to say I just finished HOUSE OF THE SCORPION - I could NOT put it down!!!!!! I saw a Moyers episode about URREA books and about things around the border - bad things that have happened - and could not help thinking about all of that - it is an incredibly GOOD book and I could not put it down! I just came across it by accident and I am so glad! I can't wait for the sequel but a good rest you thought you needed first and I don't blame you - it took tons of work to create that - I was so amazed at all of it! Now I think I will read the Trolls Trilogy -

9/2/2012 11:54:49 am

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7/29/2013 09:33:42 pm

I hate centipedes and all kinds of other reptiles except snakes. Yeah! Pretty weird ,right? Well that’s just me. I was bit by a centipede when I was five and my leg had swollen up. I guess that explains the fear.


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